First Investor of Inza Monotown to Create 200 New Jobs for Residents of Ulyanovsk Region

During a meeting on 29 October, which was headed by Governor Sergey Morozov, participants discussed future of the municipality as a territory of advanced social and economic development (TASED).


“Inza Monotown should become a territory with a comfortable investment environment. We have a lot of things to do to support its residents - we must develop utility infrastructure and complete all necessary site improvements. New industrial territories create investment opportunities. Thanks to the TASED status, we will be able to attract at least 1.4 billion rubles of investment to the Inza economy. This will create at least ten production facilities and more than 500 jobs with a good salary. It is important to ensure that residents of the municipality will not need to look for work in other regions,” - said Sergey Morozov.

TASED mechanism has the most preferential rates in the Russian Federation. Residents of this economic zone have the most advantages, which include preferences for income, property, transport and land taxes. The most important difference is the multiple insurance payment reduction that allows investors to increase salaries at their enterprise.

During the meeting, participants reviewed a major investment project suggested by Diamix. It involves construction of a plant for production of composite and multi-component granulated products based on natural mineral materials. According to Nikolay Zontov, Acting Minister of Digital Economy and Competition of Ulyanovsk Region, public-private cooperation between Diamix and the government of Ulyanovsk region has already proved the effectiveness of such work, and Inzensky District's status of the territory of advanced social and economic development will give it additional benefits for implementation of this project.

Diamix started construction of a new plant in the third quarter of 2020; it will have five indoor workshops. Production start-up is to be completed in two steps. The total investment is worth more than 500 million rubles.

“In these difficult times, construction and commissioning of the new manufacturing plant with the output of more than 100 thousand tons of various products per year will create not only a favorable investment environment but also more than 180 jobs in Inzensky District. It will also increase tax revenues and improve the region's image as the largest export and industrial territory of the Ulyanovsk region,” - said Ayrat Nigmatzyanov, Executive Director at OOO "Diamix".

We would like to remind that the application of Inza Advanced Special Economic Zone was approved at a meeting of the interdepartmental working group under the Government of the Russian Federation on 19 October.