Center for Distance Education Starts Working in Ulyanovsk Region

Governor SergeyMorozov examined the platform on 30 October.


He said, “Together with the Ministry of Education and Upbringing of Ulyanovsk Region, we are working to make it possible for parents to choose an education programme for their child themselves: either with a teacher in the classroom or online from home. Such a solution will be the best under the current circumstances. However, this sphere requires significant preparations. In turn, parents should understand that online education has a number of features. Today, I have checked how the single regional Center for Distance Education is being created. This platform was launched at the Engineering Lyceum No. 102; it will interact with all municipalities and provide them with guidelines. It is necessary for all teachers and families to gain experience in using the new format.”

This facility will start working in several stages. Starting from today, it will provide guidance to teachers, students and parents in organizing distance learning. In the future, it is planned to monitor and survey parents, as well as to determine the number of schoolchildren who want to receive education remotely next year.  Fully-featured online studying will be the last step in the center's development. Implementation of the final stage will begin only in the next school year.

“We carried out a survey among parents, and based on its results, we can see that the region has a minor need for distance education. The resource center will feature an Internet platform with lesson materials, tests and presentations; it will also provide an opportunity to participate in online lessons within a separate schedule, which will be agreed on with both teachers and schoolchildren and their parents. In addition, the center will offer consulting services to teachers,” - commented Natalya Semenova, Minister of Education and Upbringing of Ulyanovsk Region.

According to the relevant agency, more than 36 thousand respondents took part in the regional survey; 47.6% of them were parents of primary school students (1-4 grade), 47.8% - secondary school ones (5-9 grades), and 3.98% - high school pupils (10-11 grades). According to the survey, 69.6% of parents gave a positive answer to the question about using online resources to prepare and complete homework. Also, the majority of respondents mentioned that most of the time they use social networks and chats in instant messengers when they receive individual tasks and need to provide feedback to teachers or receive it from them. The second most popular format is live communication with the teacher, and the third place was taken by the electronic report card. In addition, when asked about the preferred form of education, only 27.6% of respondents were in favor of switching to the online study mode; the rest of them want to continue in-person learning.

Учи.ру turned out to be the most popular website used to prepare for lessons and to do homework.