Ulyanovsk Region Joins Made in Russia Brand

Work on the project to support existing and future regional export enterprises will start on 1 November. A relevant agreement was reached between the regional government and Bank Otkritie Financial Corporation at the Made in Ulyanovsk Region forum.


Speaking at the event, Governor Sergey Morozov stressed the need for new methods to increase the export of local products during the coronavirus pandemic. He noted that such work would be impossible without reliable partners.

“We set ourselves ambitious goals for the next three years: the share of e-commerce should reach at least 20%; the number of online stores - 70%; and the number pf residents buying things online - more than 80%. It is necessary to increase the export through e-commerce services by at least 5%,” - the head of the region emphasized.

Specialists of the Made in Russia brand together with the bank developed a special set of support measures for Ulyanovsk exporters. This refers to a wide range of tools - from help in promoting one's business brand to financial regulation. The project in the Ulyanovsk region is the first to receive such comprehensive support, and other regions will be able to use this experience in the future.

“The Bank supports companies that either offer their goods and services for export or are only planning to come to the international market. We create modern technology infrastructure, offer necessary products and services and attract reliable partners. Our cooperation with the Made in Russia brand, which includes the bank's options for small and medium-sized enterprises such as financial tools and opportunities to promote the business in foreign markets, will make partnership with the bank much more significant for exporters,” - said Nadia Cherkasova, Deputy President and Chairman of the Management Board of Bank Otkritie Financial Corporation.

“This is an important step in development of export activities not only for the region but also for the whole country. We expect that our joint pilot project will give impetus to enterprises from the Ulyanovsk region to increase their exports to foreign markets, as well as improve image of domestic brands outside Russia,” - said Mikhail Sadchenkov, Director General of the Made in Russia national brand agency.

Made in Russia includes an international media source, a logo and industry catalogs. If companies participate in the project and place the logo on their products, advertising materials and sites, they contribute to the recognition of domestic brands, businesses and culture outside the Russian Federation. This gives companies and regions the opportunity to establish communication and receive equal access to high-quality presentation materials and language support.

As of today, the project includes 577 companies that represent various areas - from food and clothing manufacturers to facilities working with innovations and energetics.

In 2019, exporters of the Ulyanovsk region shipped abroad more than $1 billion dollars worth of goods. After the first eight months of 2020, exports totaled more than $530 million dollars. Today, more than 250 manufacturers of the region are active and competitive players at the international market. Products are shipped to 88 countries. The main partners are Kazakhstan, the USA, Belarus, Denmark, Ukraine, China, Congo, Germany, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

With the support of the regional export development center, Ulyanovsk entrepreneurs can take part in international exhibitions and events, which helps them find customers outside the country. In addition, employees of the center help with the certification of goods and export transactions. There is also an export hub in the Czech Republic that promotes goods of Ulyanovsk manufacturers.