Natural Gas Supplied to Yet Another Microdistrict in Inza

Governor Sergey Morozov took part in the commissioning ceremony for the gas pipeline in Kitovka microdistrict on 29 October.


Sergey Morozov said, “We have gathered here to take part in an important event - the launch of a gas pipeline in your large microdistrict. For the absolute majority of people living here, this is not just a festive occasion but a truly significant day. We all know what it is like to buy and gather firewood or cylinder-stored gas. Since 2018, a lot of work has been done to supply gas to the microdistrict - we have prepared design specifications and estimates, undergone state expert review and allocated funds for construction. Our efforts made this event possible, and it will bring the quality of life to a completely different level. Just yesterday, the deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Ulyanovsk Region voted for the draft regional budget in the first reading. It includes 448 million rubles that will be used for the gas-supply programme. This means that both central and northwestern parts of Inza will receive necessary resources in 2021-2022. We will also start working in the villages of Inzensky District.”

Gas was supplied to Kitovka microdistrict as part of the programme by Gazprom Gas Distribution Ulyanovsk LLC. In 2018, a project was prepared to build a 32.38-km-long intra-settlement gas distribution system; building and installation work was completed in 2019-2020.

“We completed the tasks provided natural gas to 837 households in Kitovka microdistrict, Inza. For us, it is important that there is the resource that improves the situation in the Ulyanovsk region. After all, the new 32.38-km-long intra-settlement gas pipeline was built within the regional programme,” - said Vladimir Kameko, Director General of Gazprom Gas Distribution Ulyanovsk LLC.

As of 28 October, domestic gas equipment has been installed and contracts for building and installation work in 169 households have been completed. Five houses already have gas, while others will receive it later.

In total, there are 837 households in the microdistrict; 356 of them can receive financial aid to get gas equipment installed. These include families with disabled people, pensioners and dependent children, as well as low-income ones.

“Of course, it was difficult to purchase fuel. We had to heat the whole house every day, and it was cold every day we came home. Coal and firewood are expensive. Now there is gas, every day and all day long; the temperature is always the same, so it is comfortable and warm. We hope that this type of fuel will be even cheaper. We are so happy that we have finally received it,” - said Lyudmila Yashina, a resident of Kitovka microdistrict.

In addition, the microdistrict has a secondary school, a kindergarten, a health center with a boiler facility and a buckwheat processing plant, which also can receive gas.

In general, 40.22% of Inzensky District have gas as of 1 October, 2020. The district center has not received all necessary resources yet. All activities in the southern part of Inza have been completed; work is carried out in the northern part. In 2018-2019, 21.05-km gas distribution systems were built at the expense of the regional budget and gas was supplied to Leskhoz microdistrict in Inza. In addition, this year it is planned to start construction of a 27.68-km intra-settlement gas pipeline in the central and northwestern parts of Inza within the relevant programme. Currently, a contractor has been selected to carry out building and installation work, and parties are working to conclude a contract. A project for a 9.60-km intra-settlement gas pipeline in the Pazukhino microdistrict, Inza, is being designed (design documentation has been sent for the state expert review).

Work continues to supply gas to other settlements of Inza District. According to Gennady Antontsev, Acting Minister of Energy, Housing, Utilities and Urban Environment of Ulyanovsk Region, natural gas will be provided to Zabaluyka Village in 2019. A design project for an inter-settlement gas pipeline Belovodye (Karsunsky District) - Novosursk - Drakino - Korzhevka (Inzensky District) has been completed; the construction will be completed in 2020-2021. The same can be said about the inter-settlement gas pipeline Korzhevka - Prolomikha - Chamzinka ( Inzensky District), which is also to be built in 2021-2022.