Ulyanovsk Region Creates Entrepreneurship Movement Called "For Business!"

On 4 November, Governor Sergey Morozov took part in the constitutive meeting that gave start to the new association.


The main goal of the For Business! movement is to join efforts in protecting the rights of entrepreneurs and improving the region's business environment. Participants will also expose and challenge unfair competition, participate in development of the necessary legislation and involve residents of the region in business activities.

The head of the region said, “Ulyanovsk businessmen united to form the For Business! movement. It is important that all initiatives and projects aimed at development of entrepreneurship in the Ulyanovsk region will be under its patronage. In turn, we are preparing the fifth set of business support measures in the context of pandemic; they will remain in effect through the whole 2021. We are going to extend the moratorium on inspections of small and medium-sized enterprises until the end of next year, as well as to reduce the price of patents and the Simplified Tax System's rate to 1% for income and to 5% for income less expenses. Ulyanovsk Region Entrepreneurship Development Corporation will extend its anti-crisis support measures until 1 July. These include concessional loans, grace periods, debt restructuring and refinancing. We will develop necessary measures taking into account proposals of the business community.”

The movement brought together the leading business organizations such as entrepreneurs of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Business Russia and Opora Russia. The work will be carried out together with the Commissioner for Business Rights and public representatives of the Governor in municipalities.

“The idea of Opora Russia business movement is a very positive and important one. The movement is designed to unify all entrepreneurs represented by the largest business communities, as well as mentors working with them, to improve the business climate of the Ulyanovsk region. Each association, each person has its own task - an important area. Among the priorities ones is involving more and more people in business activities. This is the main sphere for Opora Russia. There are a lot of different programmes in the region that aim to promote entrepreneurship, but many of them can be found only in one place - Ulyanovsk. I think it is high time to bring all these programs to municipalities. Each regional organization is working on its own tasks now,” - said Nikolay Solodovnikov, Chairman of the regional branch of Opora Russia.

During the event, Ulyanovsk entrepreneurs expressed their desire to create several projects that would be implemented as part of the movement's activities: designing a map of destroyed businesses, establishing a tax assistance center and developing a single digital platform that will bring to light violations of entrepreneurs' rights.

Currently, the Ulyanovsk region is creating a special digital platform called For Business where each entrepreneur will be able to talk about problems and difficulties he has to face during his work. The project is implemented to create a single institution for support and protection of entrepreneurs' rights in the region.