Center for Open Education of Foreign Students Opens in Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University named after I.N. Ulyanov

Its programme includes training courses that will improve student's Russian language proficiency so that they could continue current classes or study in Russian educational institutions.


The center was established because the university won a subsidy tender provided within the departmental special-purpose programme "Research, methodological and staffing support to teach Russian and languages of the peoples of the Russian Federation" as part of the Education Development programme.

The center aims to introduce open educational resources when teaching Russian language to foreigners; it will also use Internet to organize information and awareness-raising events.

Within this program, Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University (UlSPU) organizes online education courses free of charge in various spheres: Russian for beginners, communications, practical rhetoric.

A series of cultural and educational events will also be held in Russian for foreign citizens studying in the Russian Federation: an online academic competition, creative space "Reading Russian Poets" (in VKontakte social network), a contest of essays "History of My Name", research onomastic projects "The Land Where We Live", an online round table discussion "How I Study Russian".

All students will receive electronic certificates and diplomas after completing courses or participating in events.

According to Igor Petrishchev, Rector of UlSPU, the Center's tasks are not limited to the grant. In the future, it will continue operating at the university as a functional unit and will address educational and cultural issues to strengthen the position of Russian language. “The project is so important because we need to promote Russian in the world. This task can and should be carried out through education, which includes the Center for Open Education in Russian at the Pedagogical University. The current active transfer of communications to the virtual space allows to make the most of Internet resources in order to promote Russian culture and to strengthen our language's position in the world. It also helps foreign students to integrate themselves into Russian society and to find self-fulfillment,” - said Igor Petrishchev.

According to Natalya Semenova, Minister of Education and Upbringing of Ulyanovsk Region, a Russian Language Council has been created in the region by order Governor Sergey Morozov. Its task is to promote the state language. “For example, we have organized online tests as part of the project "ZaRYA: Za russkiy yazyk!" (ZaRYA: For Russian Language!). There are such competitions as "Search for errors in the public space", "Creating book trailers" and "Open Online Lesson - 2020" that help us develop a media library and the best practices for online training. "Pushkinskiy Diktant" and "Chitaem Pushkina" are traditionally held on the Day of Russian Language. This year, the inter-regional book festival "AMFIBRAHIY" (Amphibrach) took place on the same day and brought together famous Russian and Ulyanovsk authors,” - Natalya Semenova explained.