Ulyanovsk Region: AO "Teplichnoye" Has Grown About Half a Million Tons of Vegetables

On 3 November, Governor Sergey Morozov examined an upgraded greenhouse for small-fruit crops and listened to the plans for development of the enterprise in 2021.


He commented, “Teplichnoye, our main vegetable-raising enterprise, has grown 450 thousand tons of vegetables since it was established 43 years ago. On the eve of the Unity Day, I gave awards to members of this friendly team and congratulated them on the high performance indicators. The agro-industrial complex is one of the most important sectors of the economy for our region. The President sets us a clear task to develop potential of the domestic agricultural industry, to modernize it constantly. Following these guidelines, Teplichnoye was able to complete all necessary upgrades within two years, even though initially they were designed for at least five years. Energy-saving solutions were introduced, so it has become possible to fully automate the microclimate control system. We examined greenhouses with strawberries today. This one is a good example how effective the upgrades were. More than 14.8 thousand kilograms of berries have been harvested in 2020. Over the past two years, the increases in average yields reached three thousand kilograms. Behind these numbers are real people - their work and dedication. That is why I would like to emphasize this company's socially-oriented approach to corporate policy and good wages, which should continue increasing in the future. Today, we have discussed further manufacturing process improvements and plans for 2021.”

According to Mikhail Semenkin, Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Agro-Industrial Complex and Rural Development of Ulyanovsk Region, AO "Teplichnoye" is among the 16 largest farms of this kind in Russia. He said, “The greenhouses here cover the total area of 26.8 hectares. The company employs 564 people. Thanks to the upgrades, the enterprise has achieved good indicators: the output increased by 1763 tons, the revenue from sales got extra 208 million rubles. At the end of 2018, Teplichnoye grew almost 12 thousand tons of vegetables; thanks to the systematic development of existing technologies and the introduction of new ones, it got the same amount in just nine months of 2020.”

According to experts of the relevant agency, the enterprise has reconstructed 14.9 hectares of greenhouses and equipped them with modern systems for automated microclimate control. Within the five-year plan approved in 2018, AO "Teplichnoye" completed modernization that included introduction of energy-saving technologies, as well as adjustment of all processes to switch to the PRIVA system.

“To date, our integrated plant has already grown 450 thousand tons of vegetables and berries. We will continue bringing joy to Ulyanovsk residents, as well as residents of neighboring regions, with our tasty and high-quality domestic products. During the meeting with Governor Sergey Morozov, we discussed the modernization programme, which began in 2018, and a new one designed for the next five years,” - said Ekaterina Zhilina, Director General of AO "Teplichnoye".

As a reference:

Diploma of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation was awarded to:

Natalya Anchikova - vegetable grower of the main production unit No. 1;

Viktor Biryukov - maintenance fitter fifth class;

Tatyana Gorskova - research assistant at the agricultural laboratory;

Mariya Mamedova - vegetable grower of the main production unit No. 1;

Zyalifya Fahrutdinova - boiler room operator fifth class.


Appreciation letters of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation were awarded to:

Nikolay Pchelkin - electrical fitter sixth class.


For Labor Valor badge of the Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region was awarded to:

Sergey Lukin - turner fifth class at AO "Teplichnoye".