Governor Sergey Morozov Proposes to Create First Interregional Development Corporation in Volga Region

The head of the region made this suggestion at the panel session called Regional Policy 2030: Solutions to Launch a New Investment Cycle, which took place within the Strong Ideas for a New Time Forum.


The event was attended by top officials from the regions of Russia and the heads of federal development institutions.

As noted by Governor Sergey Morozov, the Ulyanovsk region today is one of the few places in the Russian Federation which economy is deeply integrated into international cooperation chains all around the world.

“Summing up results of the first half of 2020, we took the leading place among the regions of Russia in terms of investment growth rates. In the current challenging environment, our primary task is to implement our own regional policy to return business life to its normal state and to launch a new investment cycle in the economy. The latter involves consistent use of a specific tools. Creation of interregional agglomeration ties can become one of them. Considering the combination of many factors, from the geographical location to the logistics and economic system, we think it is a good idea to combine the potential of the Ulyanovsk and Samara regions. I propose that we should create the first interregional corporation for development of these two Volga regions. This will give a completely new impetus to development. The innovation and economy center should be the result of our joint activities,” - said Sergey Morozov.

By combining economic, scientific, infrastructural and business capacity of two regions into a single agglomeration complex, it will become possible to address the problem of regional funding shortage, to expand fiscal space of both the Ulyanovsk region and the whole Volga Region, as well as to develop a new successful interregional investment model.

“The changes that have occurred in the Ulyanovsk region in recent years are impressive. I am sure that all our neighbors can appreciate them and offer words of respect. Creation of an interregional corporation is a truly great idea for the new times. We will certainly support it,” - commented Dmitry Azarov, Governor of the Samara Region.

The regions' activities will become the core of the innovation and economy center, which will be highly competitive in the field of economic and innovative development, as well as the living standards with their neighbors.

Today, the Ulyanovsk region is the largest logistics complex. It has the only special port economic zone in Russia. There are prerequisites for creation of an international free-trade zone as the largest transport and logistics complex for transshipment of international goods with an exceptionally favorable tax and customs regime. Access to any type of transport infrastructure will provide the most favorable conditions for distribution centers.

Participants of the event discussed business activities and the launch of an investment cycle in the regions as basic conditions required to achieve goals of the national development plan. The Decree of the President of the Russian Federation on national development goals until 2030 set the task to ensure investment growth of 70% by 2030.