Ulyanovsk Region: Deputies of Legislative Assembly Examine Sites at Industrial Park "Zavolzhye" and Special Economic Zone "Ulyanovsk"

The business trip took place on 19 November as part of the effectiveness assessment of investment projects' implementation at regional industrial sites. The event was organized by the Development Corporation.


The deputies were introduced to the work of enterprises at Zavolzhye industrial park. These included the DMG Mori plant (LLC "Ulyanovsk Machine-Tool Plant") and the center of nanotechnologies (ULNANOTECH). Ulyanovsk Machine-Tool Plant produces general-purpose digital, milling and turning machines. In September 2020, it celebrated five years since the establishment in the region. The company invested more than 70 million euros in the project and created over 120 jobs. This is one of the most advanced enterprises of the German-Japanese concern in the world with a highly digitized production process. It has solar panels and wind generators that generate power for the facility. The plant also works side by side with regional universities; engineering students regularly complete their internship here.

“Zavolzhye industrial park has become a strategic project for the region that creates the most favorable conditions for any business activities. Today, 35 investment projects are being implemented in the park. Investments totaled more than 44 billion rubles, and over 3,500 jobs were created for residents of the region. The park has proved its effectiveness. One ruble from public funds has already brought about 17 rubles in the form of tax payments to the regional budget and 25 rubles of residents' investments, and this has far exceeded the state funds invested in the park's infrastructure,” - said Sergey Vasin, Director General of the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation.

Deputies also learned about the projects of ULNANOTECH located in Zavolzhye industrial park - a unique innovative facility for support of technology entrepreneurship. TestGen, one of its residents that produces world-class test systems, developed high-precision diagnostic kits to identify the new type of COVID-19 and launched their mass production this year. The nanocenter once again became one of the most effective technology parks in Russia, keeping its position among the leaders of the National Rating of Technology Parks.

In addition, the deputies examined the domestic sewage system at all enterprises of the industrial zone and utility infrastructure facilities that remove stormwaters from the industrial park.

Representatives of the regional legislative body visited the industrial park "Platforma 2.0" (located in PSEZ), which was commissioned this year. The site will house facilities for production of composite materials and automotive components, as well as the ones for stuffed toys and gift packaging. Oleg Barabanov, Head of Ulyanovsk PSEZ, presented progress of the port zone's management company.

He said, “According to the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the efficiency of the economic zone in Ulyanovsk reached 97% by the end of 2019. Currently, about 700 new jobs have been created at PSEZ. Investments, including capital ones provided by residents in the zone since its establishment, amounted to 2.6 billion rubles.”

During a meeting of the industry committee, which was held earlier that day, deputies discussed funding of the investment infrastructure and industrial complex within state programmes "Creating a Favorable Investment Climate" and "Research and Technology Development of Ulyanovsk Region".

According to Dmitry Grachev, Chairman of the Committee, the region's budget for 2021 includes 226.76 million rubles for infrastructure of the port special economic zone. It is planned to use 234.4 million rubles for support of the site at Zavolzhye industrial park and development zones in municipalities. Another 100 million rubles will ensure competitiveness of regional enterprises. This money will be sent to the Ulyanovsk Region Industrial Development Fund to reimburse the loans provided to industrial and agricultural enterprises for modernization of their existing facilities or creation of new ones, as well as launch of import-substitution manufacturing and introduction of latest technologies.

“We can see that due to the pandemic, the industrial production index has decreased for the first time in 12 years; it is expected to reach only 95% compared to 2019. That is why today it is particularly important to support real economy,” - said Dmitry Grachev.