Electric Appliances Production Facility to Create New Jobs for Residents of Veshkaymsky District

On 26 November, Governor of Ulyanovsk Region Sergey Morozov visited a production facility of AO "Kontaktor" in the urban-type settlement of Chufarovo where he examined a new assembly workshop for electric appliances and discussed long-term development with the management of the enterprise.


The head of the region emphasized, “The plant is steadily developing now by increasing its capacity and improving human resources. At the initial stage, Kontaktor provided employment to more than 20 residents of Chufarovo; soon, this number will increase to one hundred. It is important that all workplaces have modern equipment, while comfortable work environment attracts young specialists who decide to stay in their native village.”

As part of the plant's industrial development plan designed for the next year and a half, it is planned to develop production areas and to introduce completely new technologies. Currently, the first stage of the plan is almost complete: the assembly of switches will be launched soon and a new turning shop is already operating. It is planned to commission a production facility that will make components for the new series, which will come to the market in 2021.

Implementation of this stage created additional 23 jobs, as well as increased the salary by an average of 30%. At this point, total investment in the project amounted to 20 million rubles. Another seventy-six workplaces will be created at AO "Kontaktor" thanks to implementation of the next two stages. The facility will supply its products to Ulyanovsk plants.

“We have great plans for expansion. The plant's current development strategy is designed for the next few years. The output will increase thanks to the new workshop, which is the first stage of development. We will utilize all available areas. We have decided that we will expand production of our old best-selling series here, in Chufarovo. In addition, we will provide new jobs to residents of the settlement,” - said Lyudmila Nekrasova, Director General of AO "Kontaktor".

Modern practices and tools of lean production were used when designing the new assembly workshop for electric appliances. Some lines were redesigned and some changed their operating process; this increased the productivity of each workplace by 36%.

“Today, we are carrying out large-scale upgrades of the production facility. New lines are installed and new jobs are created. We must support this project: it is necessary to build modern access routes and sidewalks, and there should be proper light sources so that staff could safely get to work, especially in the evening. In addition, access routes are important for product integrity. This year, we have already tested a programme to help manufacturing facilities improve their territory and access routes in Ulyanovsk. About 17 enterprises built utility infrastructure at the expense of the regional road fund. This programme will be introduced in municipalities and rural areas in 2021,” - said Dmitry Vavilin, Minister of Economic Development and Industry of Ulyanovsk Region.

The Ulyanovsk region introduces elements of lean production at its manufacturing facilities as part of the Labor Productivity and Employment Support national project, which was initiated by President Vladimir Putin. The region has been participating in the national project since 2020.