Ulyanovsk Region Receives 500 Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine

On 10 December, Governor Sergey Morozov checked how ready the region was to receive the vaccine and examined conditions for its storage. He also had a look at the outpatient care facility for people with suspected coronavirus infection.

The Governor said, “The Ulyanovsk region received 500 sets of COVID-19 vaccines. I checked the readiness of our institutions, examined the storage conditions. It is important to monitor the cool chain and routing. Special refrigerators and portable ice boxes are required for this kind of transportation. The vaccine is stored at a temperature of about -20 degrees, and we separately control it. We must create the maximum possible number of centers and other facilities that will let people get a vaccine at their convenience. We are starting vaccination in health care institutions. We have also agreed to provide money to purchase additional storage equipment. The next batch of the vaccine is expected in January. In addition, I have examined the site that will be used for the future outpatient care center with a computer tomography unit. It is to open in March 2021.”

The vaccine is delivered to the warehouse of the public institution "Ulyanovsk State Pharmacy". Then it will be sent to Vaccination Centers, which will store and distribute this immunobiological preparation to state institutions.

“Health care establishments have already provided a list of citizens who will be voluntary vaccinated against coronavirus infection. I would like to note that these lists primary include doctors and teachers. The schedules have already been made for all vaccination rooms. The vaccination is carried out in two stages with an interval of 20 days. Twelve vaccination centers will be opened in December. These include City Polyclinic No. 1, Central City Clinical Hospital, Central Clinical Medical Unit, Polyclinic No. 4, Novospassky, Baryshsky, Cherdaklinsky, Karsunsky and Novomalyklinsky district hospitals and three centers in Dimitrovgrad. It is planned to carry out mass vaccination of the population in 2021; we will have introduced an online registration system so that people could sign up for vaccination on their own. They will be pre-examined by a doctor to identify any contraindications. We are planning to open additional centers and units for mass vaccination in the future. In total, we will have 61 facilities including rural health posts,” - commented Inna Chigireva, Acting Minister of Health of Ulyanovsk Region.

COVID-19 vaccine is provided to healthy adults following an examination by a doctor.

The head of the region also examined the venue for the future outpatient center for diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19. According to Ekaterina Uba, First Deputy Prime Minister, it is planned to open two such centers. She said, “We consider population density and convenient logistics when selecting the facilities. Speaking of the center in Zasviyazhsky District, this is a detached building with a fenced area and parking. The total building area here is more than 600 square meters, which is more than enough to place an outpatient anti-COVID center. It can be used to reduce the workload of Polyclinic No. 4 in the future. It is also important that it will work together with the Central Clinical Medical Unit. This means that the patient will either receive outpatient care and consultation services at the center or get transported in a special vehicle to the hospital located nearby. The work will be carried out twenty-four seven.”

The center will also have a computer tomography unit, a medical treatment room used for express diagnostics and to take blood and body tissue samples for coronavirus infection tests, an electrocardiography room and offices of medical specialists. People with COVID-19 who receive medical aid at the center will be brought back home by its own vehicles.