Ulyanovsk Region: Large-Scale Modernization of AO "Farming Enterprise "Staromaynskaya"

On 8 December, Governor Sergey Morozov took a look at a new project for development of meat-and-dairy cattle farming.


He said, “The Ulyanovsk region pays great attention to milk production, animal husbandry and crop farming. That is why we are actively supporting each new project in the field of agriculture. Logos is gradually expanding its production facilities. The company has already built a dockside for ships, which helped us develop grain export. Today, together with the investor we have discussed opening of a new meat and dairy farming facility in Staromaynsky District, which will create additional jobs for its residents. In total, 70 people will work at the farming enterprise. Logos invests one billion rubles in development of Staromaynskaya. We continue providing budgetary resources to change the infrastructure of this municipality - we repair and build social institutions, upgrade roads, lighting and utilities. New agricultural production facilities built in the district provide new opportunities for its comprehensive development.”

According to Natalya Snezhinskaya, Acting Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Ulyanovsk Region, the regional Ministry of Agriculture will be able to provide financing for purchase of young breeding stock starting next year. She emphasized, “Grants will be given to buy meat cattle. Our farmers will welcome such help. Not so long ago, a new slaughter unit was opened in Cherdaklinsky District, and it also requires high-quality meat. In this particular case, the enterprise has very good logistics. It is important for us to increase indicators of meat and dairy production in the region.”

A plan has been designed for development of AO "Farming Enterprise "Staromaynskaya" in 2021-2024. Investment will total one billion rubles, which will increase the cultivated area from 2421 to 4300 hectares, the amount of vegetable crops from 30 to 300 hectares and the number of cattle from 191 to 1000 heads. The project will also create new jobs.

“In accordance with this plan, we will purchase modern farm machinery, as well as high-quality seeds and fertilizers. We will upgrade farms, cattle barns, vegetable storehouses. I am sure that we are implementing these plans for the benefit of the Ulyanovsk region and the Staromaynsky District. In addition, we intend to optimize outlet for our products, which includes export by water. There is a grain elevator in Staraya Mayna, which can be used to deliver products to water transport and then ship them across Russia and abroad,” - said Evgeny Lylov, Director General of OOO "Logos".

The region is implementing the national project "Export of Agricultural Products" initiated by President Vladimir Putin. The crops harvested this year are enough not only to meet the needs of the region (800 thousand tons), but also to export grain.