Ulyanovsk Region Presents New SIMAZ Bus

On 11 December, Governor Sergey Morozov visited the production facility of Ulyanovsk SIMAZ plant.


He commented, “Despite the pandemic, the plant is actively developing. The production plan for the next year is twice as big as the one in 2020. The buses are competitive at the market specifically because of their performance indicators. Ulyanovsk is the first city to purchase vehicles powered by natural gas - methane. As of today, it is the most eco-friendly type of transport after electric one. The region has implemented a comprehensive programme to update passenger transport. Seventy buses made by SIMAZ have already been added to the city routes this year.”

The Ulyanovsk plant "Simaz" presented a new bus to the head of the region. This vehicle is now undergoing all stages of certification. “The extended version of this bus, which is designed for inter-city and local routes, will have 30 seats. For comfortable and safe transportation, the bus will be equipped with an air recirculation unit, a video surveillance system and a USB connector that can be used to recharge mobile devices,” - said Alexey Yatsenko, First Deputy Director General of OOO "SIMAZ".

In October 2020, the company joined implementation of the Labor Productivity and Employment Support national project initiated by President Vladimir Putin. It is available for companies with annual revenues from 400 million to 30 billion rubles and the foreign capital participation of no more than 25%.

“Next year, the plant is going to increase production of intercity buses, so the company is training workers now. The quality of products and their competitiveness at the market depend on this. Today, Ulyanovsk SIMAZ starts recruiting specialists for assembly operations, which will provide about 50 new jobs with good salaries,” - said Dmitry Vavilin, Minister of Economic Development and Industry.