Students of Ulyanovsk State Technical University Win Awards at World Programming Championship

This year's contest took place entirely online for the first time.


The semifinal of the World Championship - Northern Eurasia Finals 2020 - was held on 13 December. The team of Ulyanovsk State Technical University (UlSTU) represented the Ulyanovsk region at the competition for the tenth time. This season, it included a fourth-year student Maxim Krutov, a third-year student Andrey Duvanov and a second-year student Artyom Poluvesov. In total, 328 teams from universities of eight countries participated in the semifinals. Ulyanovsk students were able to solve five mathematical problems, overtaking many strong teams from other universities of the Volga region.

“This result is so important because it proves that UlSTU has a system to prepare winners. The team coach is Daniil Gorshkov, a student who repeatedly became the winner at various stages of this championship. In fact, for team members this is like elite sport in programming: they spend thousands of hours training,” - said Kirill Svyatov, Dean of the Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies.

In addition, students of UlSTU participated in the team competition of Youth Festival of Information Technologies “IT-Arkhangelsk” in December. Ulyanovsk university was represented by four teams. Two of them made it to the top ten and won third-class diplomas. The first one included Maxim Krutov, Andrey Duvanov and Artyom Poluvesov, and the second one consisted of Oleg Gnusarev, Kirill Ryabov and Egor Madyshev.

“Ulyanovsk students always show their great skills in interregional and international programming competitions. This was achieved thanks to conditions created in the region with the support of Governor Sergey Morozov. The training of future IT specialists is an important part of the regional project "Personnel for Digital Economy" within the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation national programme,” - said Svetlana Openysheva, Head of the regional state public institution "Government for Citizens".