Ulyanovsk Region Created More Than 30 Thousand New Jobs in 2020

The annual plan approved by Governor Sergey Morozov was 121.8% implemented. On 4 January, the head of the region listened to the report presented by Svetlana Dronova, Head of the Agency for Human and Labor Development of Ulyanovsk Region. It described work of employment services and indicators of the labor market achieved over the past year.


A total of 30,202 jobs were created including 1,273 seasonal and 2,726 temporary ones. Two thousand, one hundred and seven jobs were added as part of investment projects' implementation. Small and medium-sized businesses opened nineteen thousand, five hundred and forty-five vacant positions. The largest number of jobs was created in the sectors supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Ulyanovsk Region (10,544) and the Ministry of Industry and Transport of Ulyanovsk Region (7,470). Eleven thousand, three hundred and seven high-performance jobs were also created.

“The labor market in the Ulyanovsk region underwent some changes in 2020. Offline projects that provide assistance in finding employment were transformed into the online format: a job fair, an employment marathon, Open Faces project, a project "Rabota Yest—Ć" in the digital format, and Open Employee Selection,” - said Svetlana Dronova, Head of the department.

According to the latest data, Ulyanovsk and the region created 14,327 jobs. In most cases, employers are looking for specialists to substitute trade jobs (9,952 vacancies). The average salary for all of them amounted to 25,474 rubles.

Sixteen thousand, one hundred and seventy-one people have found jobs with the assistance of public employment services since the beginning of 2020.

According to Svetlana Dronova, Head of the relevant department, collaboration has been established between offices of the Personnel Center and enterprises of the region to achieve more effective job placement.

According to Vladimir Izosimov, Deputy Director General for Legal and Personnel Affairs of JSC “Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works”, the plant has been working with Zavolzhsky District Department of the Personnel Center's branch in Ulyanovsk for many years. He said, “A lot depends on the effectiveness of our joint work - balance at the labor market, high-quality selection of employees for the enterprise and, ultimately, the well-being of citizens. We always participate in the activities of employment services. Specialists of the job center improve and expand formats and types of events, which include city-wide career fairs and their mini equivalents, Individual Personnel Selection, guaranteed interviews, online job fairs. These events are a convenient format for us as an employer to directly meet applicants for vacancies. During face-to-face interview, we can get preliminary ideas about applicants, as well as evaluate their professional skills and work experience.”