Seven Children Born in Ulyanovsk Region on New Year's Eve

Viktor Misharin, Minister of Health, reported about it to Governor Sergey Morozov on 1 January.


“I sincerely congratulate the families who received perhaps the best gift in their lives on New Year's Eve. The birth of a baby is a real miracle. Dear mothers and fathers, I wish your boys and girls to grow up healthy and happy. We continue to support families with children by expanding regional measures of social support. And we have new initiatives for 2021 that will be worked out and refined. I would also like to remind that we have extended the programme "Gift for a Newborn". Mothers will receive boxes with the set of necessary things for babies this year too. By order of the President, we continue implementing the national projects "Demography" and "Healthcare", which help open kindergartens, develop healthcare services for children and implement new family programmes,” - emphasized Sergey Morozov.

According to Viktor Misharin, Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Health of Ulyanovsk Region, 7 children were born in the region as of 1 January, 2021: 4 girls and 3 boys. Mothers and newborn babies are under medical supervision.

“More than 10 thousand children were born in the region in 2020. We continue improving the quality of health care for pregnant women and newborns, and we also work to reduce the infant mortality rate. In 2020, a Family Reproductive Health Center was opened at the Perinatal Centre "Mama" to prepare women for pregnancy and help them avoid miscarriages. About 500 couples face such problems each year. To prevent this, genetic testing is necessary, but they are not part of the CMI programme. By order of the Governor, it was decided to allocate funds from the regional budget for these purposes. The center for reproductive health carried out 292 genetic tests in 2020; 67 couples were examined free of charge. More than 1 million rubles were used for this. Families underwent free testing to identify genetic thrombophilia and antiphospholipid syndrome; the center also provided HLA matching. In addition, about 4 million rubles were allocated from CMI funds in 2020 to examine married couples with infertility problems. This programme will continue working in 2021,” - said Viktor Misharin.

According to monitoring figures provided by the Ministry of Health of Ulyanovsk Region, more than 5,5 thousand pregnant women receive counselling at maternity welfare centers.