Ulyanovsk Region in Top Three of Volga Federal District Rating

The Center for Strategic Studies showed Governor Sergey Morozov final indicators of social and economic development in January-November 2020.


The first place in the rating belongs to the Republic of Tatarstan, while the region takes the second one. This has been achieved thanks to a well-functioning construction industry, as well as activities carried out at the consumer market and in the field of food production. Another important point includes some indicators achieved in the labor market.

During the accounting period, the Ulyanovsk region took the leading position in five indicators simultaneously: production of food goods= including sausages (139.6%), the volume of household services provided to the population (93.7%), commissioning of residential buildings per one thousand people (the total area of 719 square meters), food services (82%) and payment of outstanding salary arrears on the first day of the reporting month.

“I ask the Government to pay attention to several indicators that we must improve. It is necessary to address the issues with average monthly salaries, the level of unemployment and the index of industrial production. I think the Ulyanovsk region can compete for higher positions in the overall rating of federal subjects as we have all the necessary sources for this task. So, I am expecting specific proposals to deal with the aforementioned indicators in the nearest future,” - said the head of the region Sergey Morozov.

According to Professor Oleg Asmus, Director General of Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization "Center for Strategic Studies of Ulyanovsk Region", the region took the second place on production of food, which includes cheese and items made of it, as well as curd. It also achieved good results (the fourth place) in the sector of passenger transport; another successful sphere is housing construction per one thousand people compared to results for the same period last year. “According to the Agency for Human and Labor Development of Ulyanovsk Region, the number of officially registered unemployed citizens amounted to 20.7 thousand people. The registered unemployment rate in the Volga Federal District is 3.58%; the Ulyanovsk region takes the eleventh place in the ranking. It is expected that the unemployment rate will reach 5% by the end of 2020,” - Oleg Asmus reported.

Over 11 months of 2020, the plan for new housing supply was completed by 103.5% compared to 2019. According to Konstantin Aleksich, Minister of Construction and Architecture of Ulyanovsk Region, 4,653 residential buildings with the total area of 887.4 thousand square meters were commissioned during this period (the total number of apartments - almost nine thousand). The region still takes the first place in housing construction per one thousand people.