Ulyanovsk Region: More Than 320 Companies Started Export in 2020

Implementation of the International Cooperation and Export national project in the region was discussed at a meeting of the project committee, which took place on 12 January.


According to the Entrepreneurship Development Corporation, the sales turnover of manufacturers working in the Ulyanovsk region amounted to more than one billion dollars over ten months of 2020, while export reached $ 465 million. At the same time, the share of non-energy goods supplied to the foreign market made 95.7%. The products shipped abroad last year included auto- and aircraft replacement parts, cars, furniture and interior design items, food items and consumer goods, devices and various equipment, construction materials, agricultural products and radiopharmaceuticals.

Ruslan Gainetdinov, Chairman of the Board of the Entrepreneurship Development Corporation, said that this year a full-scale export standard will be introduced as part of the national project and will include a set of tools to support exporters.

He added, “The pandemic and the closed borders have certainly affected supplies of the enterprises and the product volumes in general. However, I would like to mention that today regional manufacturers are not only restoring but also successfully increasing the number of shipments. They also open new trade channels and markets. In 2020, 95 countries became our partners. The largest ones include Kazakhstan, the USA, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Germany, Ukraine, China, Congo, Denmark and Hungary.”

By order of Governor Sergey Morozov, a single export support infrastructure has been created at the Corporation. It provides educational assistance and helps with export contracts, certification and participation in international exhibitions, as well as product promotion.

The International Cooperation and Export national project, which was developed at the initiative of President Vladimir Putin, aims to increase competitiveness of Russian goods and demand for them at the global market. The main goals are to promote export of non-energy goods, to increase the export share of processed and agricultural items and services in the gross domestic product of the country, and to create an effective system for division of labor and industrial cooperation.