Ulyanovsk Region: More Than 40 Companies Use Special Preferential Regime of Priority Development Area

Despite the difficulties caused by the coronavirus, the Ulyanovsk region continues developing industrial parks and new mechanisms for the further promotion of territories.


“The economy of our region is deeply integrated into international supply chains. We achieved this result thanks to localization of many large industrial investment projects in the region, which either have been successfully implemented or are actively worked on now. Today, the region is thoroughly preparing to launch a new investment cycle. Thanks to it, we will get new enterprises, which, in turn, will create additional jobs for residents of the Ulyanovsk region. A comfortable investment climate is important for our partners. The Territory of Advanced Social and Economic Development (TASED) has become a convenient format for many of our investors. A good example here is TASED "Dimitrovgrad". Thanks to the new enterprises, 600 jobs have already been created for residents of the region,” - said Governor Sergey Morozov.

Direct investments, which are provided to the region by both Russian and foreign companies, are the most important resource for development of the regional economy.

“The task to attract new companies to the region, to create jobs for residents and to increase tax revenues sent to the regional budget requires a developed infrastructure, skilled personnel and a legal and regulatory framework that meets interests of our investors. Work in these areas is paired with federal trends to improve the investment policy. It already covers an even wider range of issues adjusted to the regional requirements,” - said Marina Alekseeva, First Deputy Chairman of the Government of Ulyanovsk Region.

The region has provided one of the most attractive preferential regimes since 2017 - the Priority Social and Economic Development Area "Dimitrovgrad".

“Dozens of companies have used the special regime of TASED "Dimitrovgrad". Today, 44 organizations are residents of this priority social and economic development area; investors have provided about 360 million rubles. Together with PAO "KAMAZ" we have created the industrial park "Master" here. It is expected to create 3 thousand new jobs through implementation of all 44 projects; the total investment will make more than 2.9 billion rubles. New residents coming to TASED "Dimitrovgrad" prove that we are moving in the right direction. The preferences provided to them are very important. All residents receive tax privileges for income, property and transport, and insurance payments are reduced from 30% to 7.6%. Investors with this status are also exempt from the land tax for ten years. These preferences contribute to the further development of production and

help us achieve good economic indicators,” - said Dmitry Vavilin, Minister of Economic Development and Industry of Ulyanovsk Region.

The residents include manufacturers of consumer goods, metal items, cable products, as well as carcass furniture and woodwork, lighting and personal protective equipment.

At the end of 2020, Russia launched the first project among TASED residents in the field of medicine to create a multi-field medical diagnostic center. A clinic with the area of more than two thousand square meters was created, its premises underwent major reconstruction and repair, medical equipment was installed, and skilled personnel were recruited. Dimitrovgrad received about 40 new jobs, most of which are for medical specialists. The center can treat 480 patients per day. Such a project implemented at TASED is a pilot one for the whole country.

OOO "Dimitrovgrad Steel Reinforcement Plant" (produces electrical fixtures) was also opened at Dimitrovgrad Industrial Park "Master" in 2020. It was founded by OOO "NILED", a company located in Podolsk. Investments at the first stage of the project totaled about 100 million rubles. Twenty-eight jobs were created for residents of the city; this number will be increased to 52 in 2021. In the future, it is planned to expand the number of staff and to introduce new products that are not currently available in Russia.

“We are working with a number of production companies that will find TASED "Dimitrovgrad", as well as industrial parks "DAAZ" and "Master", the most suitable venues for localization of their production facilities,” - said Sergey Vasin, Head of the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation.