Ulyanovsk Region Creates a Plan to Achieve National and Regional Development Targets by 2030

On 29 January, Governor Sergey Morozov held a meeting on financial and economic issues.

In 2020, the Government of the Russian Federation set National Development Goals through 2030. These include preservation of the population, the health and welfare of the people, digital transformation, successful enterprise, creating conditions for self-fulfillment and the unlocking of talent, as well as comfortable and safe environment. After a joint meeting of the State Council and the Council for Strategic Development and National Projects, which took place in January 2021, President Vladimir Putin instructed to refine the draft of the plan to achieve national goals.

Sergey Morozov set the task for the Government of the region to develop an action plan to implement the social and economic development strategy in the Ulyanovsk region and to achieve national goals by 2030.

He said, “I gave the task to start bringing up to date one of the main regional documents. It is necessary to understand what additional issues we need to address in order to achieve all the goals by 2030. In the end we should get a detailed plan describing the required mechanism for each task. At the same time, the plan sets specific indicators for all ministries and agencies, development institutions, and local governments. It also determines responsibilities; all of them contribute to our main goals - most notably, improving living standards and creating a comfortable environment. Executives will be personally responsible for indicators and implementation of the plan. People should know and understand when and what results they should see not only in the region, but also in specific districts.”

Professor Oleg Asmus, Director General of Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization "Center for Strategic Studies of Ulyanovsk Region", said that the main part of the plan is ready. Top officials of Russia's federal constituent entities and heads of local self-government bodies will be personally responsible for completing tasks within national development goals.

During the meeting, Ekaterina Uba (First Deputy Prime Minister) talked about current results in the sphere of two national goals - "Conditions for self-fulfillment and the unlocking of talent" and "Preservation of the population, the health and welfare of the people".

She explained, “Almost all social spheres are involved in implementation of these national goals: from education to health care. So far, we have achieved certain indicators. For example, the mortality rate of the population is the main indicator of the Preservation of the Population, the Health and Welfare of the People. We doing all possible to decrease it. One of the tasks here is to make modern specialized and high-tech medical services available to people. Their number has almost doubled in 2021 and includes various profiles: cardiology, traumatology, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology.”

The First Deputy Prime Minister also said that increasing the number of children (aged between 5 and 18) who could receive additional education services and young people (aged between 7 and 30) with outstanding abilities and talents is the main task within the national goal "Conditions for self-fulfillment and the unlocking of talent". To implement these tasks this year, it is planned to create a Talent Support Center in Ulyanovsk, where 400 children from the regional center will study on an annual basis. Three thousand children from municipalities will attend an online school and 2.5 thousand young people will go to a suburban campus in Krestovo-Gorodishche.