Ulyanovsk Region Is Increasing Online Sales of Locally-Made Goods

In 2020, retail trade in the region amounted to 148.6 billion rubles; the share of online sales increased to 1.4% (it was only 0.3% in 2019)


“Development of e-commerce is a priority task and the future of the trade industry in general. Due to the pandemic, customers often prefer safe shopping online. Ulyanovsk entrepreneurs are exploring this sales channel more and more. Our task is to support them at any stage; in particular, to train, educate and help them increase sales. This year we are going to introduce another support measure - recovery of expenses - that will make work with marketplaces easier,” - commented Governor Sergey Morozov.

In his Investment Address for 2020, the Governor described development of e-commerce as a promising focus of work. As a result, the Ulyanovsk region opened a regional marketplace Ulmade.ru, where local manufacturers can place their goods free of charge. There are also training programmes. Companies can receive support when they come to electronic trading platforms for the first time, as well as technical assistance to create an online store. In particular, the Entrepreneurship Development Corporation has a Trade Development Center, which helps with branding, certification and labeling of goods, as well as packaging and label design. The Center also makes digital passports for goods and promotes products through the regional marketplace and federal websites.

Currently, more than 50 exhibitors from various industries can be found on the regional marketplace Ulmade.ru. They include companies that make food, furniture, doors, jewelry, agricultural goods and other items.

Ulyanovsk manufacturers have also placed their goods on such large federal and international websites as Wildberries, OZON, Yandex.Market, LaModa, AliExpress and SDEX. In particular, goods from thirty-one Ulyanovsk suppliers were available on Wildberries in 2019; their number increased to 95 in the first ten months of 2020. The sales made more than 1 billion rubles. Last year, there were 35 Ulyanovsk suppliers on OZON, and their number increased to 152 in the first ten months of 2020; the sales amounted to 137 million rubles.

“During the pandemic, many entrepreneurs had to change their business and discovered online sales, which helped them improve their activities significantly. Now the region has a comprehensive system of support for entrepreneurs working in this sphere: we help with digital passports for products, digitizing, and certification, and we also assist in receiving compensation for working with marketplaces. Governor Sergey Morozov sets the task to develop this promising area, so it is no surprise that his upcoming Investment Address will pay particular attention to it,” - said Ruslan Gainetdinov, Chairman of the Board of the Entrepreneurship Development Corporation of Ulyanovsk Region.