Ulyanovsk Engine Plant Presents Upgraded Engine

Governor Sergey Morozov visited the company and examined the assembly line on 1 February.



He stressed, “A few years ago, the regional government received a task to create a large industrial park in the territory of the plant. Today, not a single building is empty, and there are more than a dozen taxpayers. This promising site must have an official name, and its residents should be able to use federal and regional support measures. 2020 has become a productive year for the Engine Plant. It is expected to ship 150% of goods in January 2021 compared to the same period last year. The enterprise continues modernization, so it is very important to establish intra-regional cooperation and restore the labor market. The plant is ready to train new personnel and to improve qualifications of its specialists. Currently, we are developing a long-term comprehensive plan to restore the economy, which, above all others, will focus on the well-being of citizens and returning the employment rate to its condition before the crisis.”

Ulyanovsk Engine Plant is part of GAZ Group, the largest Russian automotive conglomerate. It is the leading enterprise of the machine-building sector in Russia that produces power-supply units.

During the visit, Evgeny Mironov (Executive Director of Ulyanovsk Engine Plant) talked about the enterprise’s main achievements.

He explained, “In 2020, Ulyanovsk Engine Plant finished preparations and started production of the upgraded Evotech 3.0 engine. Currently, the engine is available as a gas-gasoline model designed for compressed natural gas (CNG). We are developing modifications to make it work on gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). New equipment has been installed that allows us to process castings with the highest precision and to control full compliance of made items to the requirements of design documentation.”

Compared to the previous version, Evotech 3.0 has received more than ten important design changes. They improved the engine's performance; primarily the torque, which is a pivotal indicator for commercial trucks. The main changes include new crankshaft and camshaft, cylinder head, piston and individual ignition coils. Thanks to the system of forced cooling for pistons, their thermal load was reduced, which means that the engine is now suitable for countries with a hot climate. This expands export opportunities for cars with the new engine.

The plant has installed modern equipment for production of the new model. It ensures high-precision processing of parts made of steel with increased hardness. New machining centers rebore and grind elements of crankshaft, camshaft and

cylinder head. New measuring and inspection machines help to evaluate finished parts (including curved surfaces) with high accuracy.

According to Dmitry Vavilin, Minister of Economic Development and Industry of the Ulyanovsk Region, production modernization is carried out thanks to modern equipment supplied by Ulyanovsk factories. He commented, “The enterprises have promising plans for 2021, so we expect that the industrial production index will be restored. It was 96.9% at the end of 2020. We will focus on development of intra-regional cooperation so that all enterprises working in the region could maximize the use of products manufactured by related industries.”