Ulyanovsk: Left-Bank Junction of President Bridge Is 60% Completed

On 9 February, Governor Sergey Morozov examined progress made at the facility.



He said, “The left-bank junction is designed to significantly increase road capacity, comfort and safety. We will continue to closely monitor all construction stages of this major facility. I examined the progress made for one of the overpasses that leads to the roundabout. A 2.6 km road is to be built this year. It will connect crossovers with the junction at the intersection of Orenburgskaya and Vracha Mihaylova streets. The roundabout will start working in early September.”

In addition, entrance space to the 40th Anniversary of the Komsomol Park on the Upper Terrace (Verhnyaya Terrasa) is also being improved as part of the project. It is planned to build a shared path for walking and cycling, as well as to place new light fixtures and to install noise fencing.

“Currently, together with specialists of Ulyanovsk Administration, we have approved a draft project to improve the roundabout at the intersection of Orenburgskaya and Vracha Mihaylova streets. It is designed to humanize the territory, as well as to maintain and develop the existing pedestrian zones, cycling paths and public spaces. The plans also include building a surface level pedestrian crossing at Dimitrovgrad Highway near Gulliver supermarket,” - said Evgeny Lazarev, Minister of Transport of Ulyanovsk Region.

Construction of the surface level pedestrian crossing will ensure safety of people walking across the road with high traffic volume and remove barriers such as traffic lights. This measure will also make driving along the road faster.

It is planned to complete work at the left-bank junction of the President Bridge and to commission the facility ahead of schedule in September 2021. Currently, all necessary pipelines and networks (water, gas and wastewater disposal) have been rebuilt.

The facility is built thanks to activities carried out by Sergey Morozov, Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region, and the Government of the Russian Federation. It is also supported by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and the Federal Road Transport Agency; financing is provided from the federal budget.