Ulyanovsk Region: Rosatom Starts Main Construction Phase of Multipurpose Fast Neutron Research Reactor

The project is part of Dimitrovgrad nuclear-innovative cluster and is implemented with the assistance of Governor Sergey Morozov.


Activities at the Multipurpose Research Nuclear Reactor (MBIR) have sped up significantly since the beginning of the year; the number of employees has also increased as about 600 people are working at the site now. In the first quarter of 2021, it is planned to start working on the reactor block and building a natural draught cooling tower, as well as a drainage pumping station that will be used for firefighting activities and water maintenance. In 2021, MBIR is going to increase its staff to 1,500 people, to upgrade equipment at the construction site, and to bring the project to a completely new level. This was announced at a meeting held in Dimitrovgrad by Rosatom.

According to Gennady Sakharov, Director for Capital Investments, State Construction Supervision and State Expertise of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom, the project is implemented with the use of ground-breaking methods. He explained, “Rosatom is building a truly unique nuclear research facility. We are using remote monitoring tools based on digital and unmanned technologies. Rosatom has already successfully tested this method during construction of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant in Bangladesh. Remote monitoring provides access to objective and regularly updated information about the construction site's state.”

Thanks to introduction of innovative technologies in 2020, it also became possible to accelerate preparations significantly and to exceed targets of the construction plan by 15%.

According to Alexander Smekalin, Chairman of the regional Government, construction of the multifunctional research reactor and its future activities are a long-term project. As advised by Sergey Morozov, the Ulyanovsk region can use its close cooperation with Rosatom and develop a completely new regional expertise in Dimitrovgrad to design and build high-tech complex facilities with the use of innovative technologies. “We introduced the initiative of Governor Sergey Morozov and discussed with representatives of the corporation the possibility to place here a specialized Rosatom center, which will include design and customer service offices. I am sure that such experience and expertise in construction of unique facilities will be popular not only in Russia, and new competencies will serve as an additional incentive for development of Dimitrovgrad and the region in general,” -commented Alexander Smekalin.

MBIR will provide the nuclear industry with a modern and technologically advanced research infrastructure for the next 50 years. Its unique specifications will help to address a wide range of research tasks, which will form the basis for new competitive and safe nuclear power plants in the future. At the same time, the new reactor will work several times faster than its predecessors.

This high-tech facility is of great importance for the current and future development of Dimitrovgrad and the region. During the construction phase, the maximum of two thousand jobs will be created. In the future, Dimitrovgrad can

become an attractive world-class research site. A regional programme is actively implemented to create a more advanced and comfortable environment and infrastructure. In 2021 alone, over 1.6 billion rubles will be allocated from the regional budget for improvement of living standards in the city and its social and economic development. Great attention is paid to development of the education system, sports and culture, as well as modernization and maintenance of roads. More than 100 million rubles will be used to improve public spaces and yards.