Governor Sergey Morozov: "Investors in Ulyanovsk Region Should Use Public Private Partnership More"

On 18 February, the head of the region traditionally presented the Investment Address to the business community. This year it covers the period from 2021 to 2023.


In his Address, the Governor noted that public-private partnership (PPP) mechanisms help to create a sustainable state-business setup to deal with competition challenges; primarily the ones connected with development of the social infrastructure.

“The Ulyanovsk region has comprehensive experience in the sphere of public-private partnership mechanisms. A number of projects have been implemented in various sectors as part of interactions between the state and private investors,” - said Governor Sergei Morozov.

The investment management mechanism includes optimization of budget expenditures and improvement of the quality of PPP projects and relevant public services.

As noted by Yulia Lyubimova, Director General of the Public-Private Partnership Development Fund of Ulyanovsk Region, housing maintenance and utilities complex is one of the promising areas for introduction of PPP tools now. She said, “In 2020, the region signed five concession agreements in the field of housing and public utilities. And it is planned to achieve at least the same indicators in 2021.”

In particular, four concession agreements were concluded in 2020 to build water supply and wastewater disposal facilities in Novomaynsky settlement and Mullovka village worth almost 12 million rubles. The document also included heat supply facilities in Pavlovsky and Melekessky districts with the total investment of 37 million rubles. Concession companies have already started working on these projects.

The granting of concessions for the water supply and wastewater disposal facilities in Inza District was completed in December 2020. An agreement with investments worth 271 million rubles has been concluded so far.

The main tasks for 2021 (in terms of private investments) are to sign energy service agreements to upgrade boiler houses that belong to three educational facilities in Ulyanovsk and four in Baryshsky District, as well to grant concessions for water supply facilities located in Tsilninsky District and heat supply ones in Staromaynsky, Tsilninsky and Cherdaklinsky Districts.

Currently, the region has almost finished developing a number of projects in the field of health care; in particular, these include construction of a new treatment block with an in-patient emergency room, as well as reconstruction and modernization of urban electric transport in Ulyanovsk.

PPP projects are also successfully implemented in the sports sector. "Construction of a sports facility with artificial ice in Zheleznodorozhny District is currently at the final stage. Building and installation works are completed. Basic equipment is being delivered too. In the third quarter of 2021, it is planned to complete a sports and recreation center in Iskra microdistrict in Ulyanovsk. Interior finishing is currently underway," - said Ramil Egorov, Minister of Fitness and Sport.