Dimitrovgrad Steel Reinforcement Plant Expands Production and Creates New Jobs

On 24 February, Sergey Morozov visited the industrial park "Master" and examined new manufacturing equipment installed at Dimitrovgrad Steel Reinforcement Plant.


The Governor of Ulyanovsk Region said, “Dimitrovgrad industrial park "Master" expands its capacity for residents. This is important for us as such activities will create new jobs for people living in the region. The park has 24 facilities working there now that have created more than 500 jobs. In the next two years, it is planned to increase the capacity by 25-30 thousand square meters. And this means that even more partners will be able to implement their projects here.”

OOO "DAZ", a plant for production of electrical equipment, opened in the industrial park in August 2020. The company is a supplier of Rosseti Public Joint Stock Company and provides emergency reserves of overhead line hardware for air distribution networks to ensure uninterrupted electric power supplies to the population and socially significant facilities in Russia. Dimitrovgrad Steel Reinforcement Plant was founded by OOO "NILED", a company from Podolsk.

“The plant has employed about 60 people since the opening, and now it continues recruiting personnel to operate new equipment. By the end of the year, 75 people will work here. Almost all areas are full. It is important for us that DAZ begins to bring orders to Ulyanovsk and Dimitrovgrad facilities. The director of the plant is looking for regional suppliers and is trying to support local manufacturers,” - said Sergey Vasin, Head of the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation.

Currently, new production lines have been installed at the plant. The company is planning to increase its output and to start making new items that are not yet available in Russia.

“Our activities are coming to a new level. At the first stage, we faced the task to provide 100 million rubles; we have already invested 130 million rubles in production facilities and have now reached the next level of project implementation. The company received new equipment at the beginning of the year. We are going to replace traditional glass insulators with more advanced silicone ones. By the end of the year, we expect to open a new non-ferrous metal casting unit, where another 15 people will work,” - said Ganbar Dzhangirov, Director General at Dimitrovgrad Steel Reinforcement Plant.

As part of a working trip to Dimitrovgrad, the head of the region visited a new multi-disciplinary diagnostic and treatment center located at Prospekt Avtostroiteley. This facility belongs to Laus Deo LLC, which is one of the residents of the territory of advanced social and economic development "Dimitrovgrad"

(TASED "Dimitrovgrad"). In February, the center received a license to provide medical services and opened for the first patients.

Laus Deo LLC became the country's first resident of TASED that works in the field of medicine. The center has created 90 new jobs, most of which require highly qualified medical specialists. It can treat up to 480 patients from Dimitrovgrad and the neighboring areas a day. About 30 million rubles were invested in implementation of the project.