Ulyanovsk Region to Host All-Russian and International Weightlifting Competitions

The agreement was reached by the regional Ministry of Fitness and Sports and the Russian Weightlifting Federation at an extended meeting in 2020. The sport community was greeted by Governor Sergey Morozov.


The head of the region said, “At the beginning of last year we were looking for the right way to develop our industry. Now, the Government of the Russian Federation has approved a new strategy for development of fitness and sport in the country until 2030. In total, the document contains 11 priority areas that cover both amateur and professional sport. They focus on developing infrastructure, creating a sports reserve, introducing innovative technologies to the training, attracting extrabudgetary funds, and international cooperation in general. The relevant department has the task to approve the regional fitness and sport strategy until this June, as well as to synchronize all regulatory documents. This is necessary for the full development of sport, successful interagency work, and completion of the national goals. I am sure that putting all our ideas into practice is a realistic objective. We will be able to make sport one of the main parts of the region's life, a popular pastime activity for our citizens. It is necessary to help sport and fitness become popular and respected, so our sport facilities must be modern and accessible.”

The special guest of the event was Maxim Agapitov, President of the Russian Weightlifting Federation (FTAR).

He commented, “The last four years have determined interactions between the Russian Weightlifting Federation and regional sport organizations. Our task is to work on spheres that can promote our type of sport. The development agreement for the Ulyanovsk region will be based on a specific plan of activities. Of course, we are going to hold first all-Russian and then international competitions in the region. In addition, we will help with development of necessary facilities and equipment. For example, a Weightlifting Center was opened in Soldatskaya Tashla in September. And currently, a project for establishment of our own weightlifting school is under negotiation.”

According to Ramil Egorov, Minister of Fitness and Sport, the Ulyanovsk region continues to attract federal-scale events.

“We have established partnership agreements with a number of all-Russian sport federations that give us the right to hold high-level competitions. Since 2019, we have been working on implementation of the national project "Demography", which includes the federal project "Sport as a norm of life". This project describes development of the industry until 2030. We have achieved all indicators within the federal project according to results for the reporting period. This year, we have agoal to involve up to 47.5% of the population in sports activities. The federal center highly praised effective work of the region in this sphere,” - said the Minister.

Informatization and digitalization are important tasks of the coming year to help promote sport among the population. A targeted model for digital transformation of the sport industry was developed as part of them. Educational programmes were organized for subordinate authorities, the most effective digital solutions for both sports professionals and amateurs were selected, and a single digital space with integrated services from other sectors of the economy was created.

In addition, the Governor presented well-deserved awards to Ulyanovsk residents who significantly contributed to development of fitness and sport in the region.