Ulyanovsk Region and Republic of Uzbekistan to Strengthen Cooperation

The region was visited by Fariddin Nasriev, Consul General of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Kazan. The main focus was development of trade and economic cooperation.


“The Ulyanovsk region and the Republic of Uzbekistan have long-standing economic relations. At the end of 2020, our trade turnover amounted to 3.5 million dollars. Export reached 2.6 million dollars; the main product groups included automotive equipment, items made of ferrous metals, grain, mechanical equipment and machines, computers, and communications equipment. In addition, today Uzbekistan is one of the key markets for export of furniture made in Ulyanovsk. We have many options for future development of trade and economic relations,” - said Marina Alekseeva, First Deputy Chairman of the Government of Ulyanovsk Region.

Several agreements were reached during the Consul General's visit. In particular, the parties discussed carrying out online and offline business meetings in the field of agriculture, industry, and small and medium-sized entrepreneurship in order to establish direct contacts, as well as to discuss possible trades and implementation of joint projects. Tourism is one of the interesting spheres for partnership.

“During our stay in the Ulyanovsk region, we held several business meetings, visited the Special Economic Zone "Ulyanovsk", agreed to exchange experience between the economic zones in Uzbekistan and the Ulyanovsk region, and also found common points in terms of training personnel for the economy. These are the first steps, and we will start working on their implementation now,” - said Fariddin Nasriev, Consul General of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Kazan.

The Consul General also met with Ulyanovsk entrepreneurs interested in collaboration. An online meeting is planned for agricultural producers from the Republic of Uzbekistan and Ulyanovsk business community and retail chains to promote further interactions in the field of import, export and experience exchange.

The delegation from Uzbekistan started its second working day in the region at the Ulyanovsk State Technical University (UlSTU). Guests examined work of the university and learned more about this educational institution and the conditions for enrollment of foreign students. They also had a look at the Regional Technology Center of Industrial Internet in Mechanical Engineering, which is located at the university.

The delegation's visit ended with a meeting with the management of OOO "Simbirsk Muka", during which Ulyanovsk manufacturers expressed their interest in exporting products to Uzbekistan. They also talked about plans to localize their roduction there. The Uzbek side expressed its readiness to assist in implementation of the project.