Ulyanovsk Region to Create Light Industry Cluster

On 5 March, Governor Sergey Morozov and industry representatives discussed areas of concern and ways to solve them. The region continues implementing the week of the national project "Small and Medium-Sized Businesses and Support for Individual Entrepreneurs".


The cluster will bring together light industry enterprises, provide necessary support measures and overcome the current difficulties.

“Light industry is one of the leading spheres, many of its enterprises have a long history. This field has creative and bold entrepreneurs, and it is actively developing, even setting trends. We can see that Ulyanovsk facilities have great development potential, so in order to help them reach a new level, we need to address several important issues and create a single support system,” - said the head of the region.

Currently, the Ulyanovsk region's light industry sector has about one hundred big and small enterprises - garment manufactures and ateliers. One of the important issues, which were suggested by entrepreneurs at the meeting, was labor migration and lack of skilled personnel. To resolve it, the business community proposed promoting this profession and asked the state to help with retraining of employees.

“Back in the nineteenth century, the Simbirsk Province was one of Russian Empire's leaders in woolen cloth manufacturing. Today, the industry is reinventing itself: new segments have appeared in the economy created under the influence of creative industries. The main feature of this sphere is a lot of employment opportunities, as well as a great share of female labor. Unfortunately, the national economy is experiencing problems with personnel now. We can comprehensively address them only through clusters. For example, by enhancing the prestige of this profession and creating a new system of training. We are also trying to develop new support measures for the light industry by introducing tax benefits and tools to support employees at the first stage, as well as promoting products through exhibitions and e-commerce platforms,” - said Ruslan Gainetdinov, Chairman of the Board of the Ulyanovsk Region Entrepreneurship Development Corporation.

To support the industry in the region, it is planned to introduce a number of compensations; for example, reimbursement of some of the costs for equipment, participating in exhibitions and buyer tours, and placing products on marketplaces.

“The region's light industry has great potential. We need a cluster; it will bring the industry to a new level and help us solve many current problems. Among the main ones is the acute shortage of qualified personnel and the fact that seamstress is considered to be a non-prestigious occupation,” - commented manufacturing executive at Business Line.