Ulyanovsk Region to Allocate Additional 40.4 Million Rubles to Develop Its Investment Climate in 2022-2024

At a meeting on 10 March, the Government approved changes to the state programmes.


“The changes mainly specify the amount of money that will be allocated from the federal budget in accordance with previously signed agreements and realignment of funding for implementation of events within programmes. We are also introducing new targets and indicators that are directly related to the national goals set by President Vladimir Putin,” said Marina Alekseeva, First Deputy Chairman of the Government of Ulyanovsk Region.

Information on national projects implemented as part of the Ulyanovsk region’s state programme is also adjusted.

Changes were approved to state programmes for environment preservation, public health services, creation of a favorable investment climate, development of small and medium-sized businesses and an information-oriented society, culture and tourism, as well as scientific and technological development.

Within the state programme "Environment Preservation and Restoration of Natural Resources in Ulyanovsk Region", it is planned to increase funding in 2021 at the amount of 2.6 million rubles. This money will be used to purchase equipment required to protect and preserve hunting resources. A new target indicator is also introduced - "Number of completed monitoring and oversight activities".

Funding for implementation of the state programme "Creating a Favorable Investment Climate in Ulyanovsk Region" in 2022-2024 will increase by 40.4 million rubles. In 2024, legal entities will receive subsidies from the regional budget to reimburse costs connected with construction and upgrade of the infrastructure necessary for implementation of the investment project. In addition, it is planned to cover expenses for loan interest and coupon payments. In total, 20 million rubles will be used for these purposes.

According to Prime Minister Alexander Smekalin, the Ulyanovsk region is going to apply the agreement on protection and promotion of investments (APPI) actively as one of the promising mechanisms for investor support. He commented, “The region signed first such agreement in January, and we expect that it will be popular among investors in the future since it not only ensures implementation predictability of investment projects for a long period of time, but also gives business an opportunity to reimburse the costs for building, upgrading or reconstructing the infrastructure. The regional budget already includes necessary funds today. As a result of these activities, we expect to get new jobs for our residents and increased tax revenues.”

Several changes in 2021 will also affect the project called "Developing Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Ulyanovsk Region". First of all, they will change a relevant national project at the federal level. Its programme will include a new main action item - "Providing state support to SMEs operating in the Ulyanovsk region to develop entrepreneurship". Fifteen million rubles are provided for these purposes. In addition, the programme redistributes 1.1 million rubles for implementation of the For Business project. In addition, the total funding will be increased by 67.5 million rubles in 2024 at the expense of the federal budget.