Ulyanovsk Region Sums Up Results of Its Social and Economic Development in January 2021

Oleg Asmus, Director General of the Center for Strategic Studies, presented updated information to Governor Sergey Morozov at a meeting of the regional Government on 10 March.

“We have received official statistics for January. Despite the holidays, the industrial production index showed positive results for the first time during the whole pandemic period this year. In comparison with the end of 2020, inflation and registered unemployment levels have significantly decreased. The construction industry has good growth rates as at beginning of the year, and new housing supply has increased by 1.5 times compared to January 2020. I am sure that our region can reach even higher indicators​ of social and economic development,” said Sergey Morozov.

During the reporting period, the Ulyanovsk region achieved great results​ in several spheres at once. These include production of clothing (114.7%), paper and products made of it (106.1%), wood items (123.6%), charred coal and petroleum products (132.4%), rubber and plastic articles (142.3%), metallurgy (104.7%), ready-made metal products (116.8%), computers, electronics and optical items (135.3%), electrical equipment (116.9%), machinery and equipment that are not part of other groups (133.7 per cent), cars, trailers and semi-trailers (110.2 per cent), other vehicles and components (106.7%), finished products (by 2.2 times more), repair and assembling of cars and equipment (135.7%), and printing (126.2%).

“Despite the difficult economic situation in 2020, we are pleased to see that the industrial production index is 103%. And I would like to remind that the Governor set a task to maintain the region's industrial capacity and the positive dynamics of its industrial production at the same level of at least 103%. In addition, we observe an increase in industrial output in such spheres as electric power, gas and steam generation and air conditioning (by 13.2%), as well as water supply, wastewater disposal, and waste management and recycling (by 23.2%),” said Marina Alekseeva, First Deputy Chairman of the Government of Ulyanovsk Region.

The region almost reached a one hundred percent result in the sphere of manufacturing activities with the indicator of 99.4%.

In the construction industry, the region commissioned 234 residential buildings (562 apartments) with a total area of ​51.4 thousand square meters (156.9% compared to the result in January 2020).

“Retail turnover totaled 16.5 billion rubles, and the retail trade volume index reached 99.3%. During the reporting period, food services made 535.2 million rubles, and their volume index was 87.6%. We will better understand the condition of regional economy in the first quarter of 2021 when the epidemiological situation improves, restrictive measures are lifted and the mass vaccination of the population is successfully completed,” explained Oleg Asmus.