Mars Plant in Ulyanovsk Upgrades Its Production Facilities and Expands Commercial Product Line

Sergey Morozov, Governor of Ulyanovsk Region, visited the enterprise, examined its mechanical processing facility and congratulated the team on the 60th anniversary of the scientific production association's foundation.

The head of the region said, “Since its very establishment, NPO "Mars" has been one of the most effective enterprises in the region and the most important component of its economic potential. The plant upgrades its production facilities on a regular basis, and it not only uses cutting-edge technologies, but also creates them. At the same time, Mars is also one of the top-rank scientific centers in Russia. This is an example of how it is possible and why it is necessary to convert scientific potential into high-tech products. The company actively trains young specialists, helps to develop a modern higher education system, opens departments in Ulyanovsk universities and gives jobs to their graduates.”

The building, which houses the mechanical processing equipment, was built in 1971 and takes the area is 5000 thousand square meters. The equipment is constantly upgraded.

“Three years ago, the management set the task to prepare a layout concept and design specifications for modernization of the production facility. We have successfully completed it. Floor covering has been replaced. And we update our equipment annually. Today, we have about 30 machines with computer numerical control; almost 90% of them were purchased over the past 5-7 years. Last year, Ulyanovsk Machine-Tool Plant delivered two vertical processing units. The main mechanical manufacturing facility works in two shifts daily; and when the workload is increased, we switch to three shifts. The average age of our employees working there is about 34. A mentoring system has been introduced,” said Vitaly Lyubaykin, Deputy Chief Production Engineer, Head of the manufacturing unit at NPO "Mars".

According to the plant's management, currently the commercial product line includes printed-wire boards for electronic modules, as well as goods for promising spheres that are implemented on behalf of state authorities, Russian Railways and other large industrial enterprises.

The plant also has promising developments in the field of telemedicine. NPO "Mars" offers a technical solution that will allow specialists to stay at their workplace and diagnose patients remotely. The pilot project is to be implemented in the Ulyanovsk region.

At the end of his visit, the head of the region gave awards to the company's employees for many years of dedicated work.