New Company Comes to TASED Dimitrovgrad

During a meeting on 18 March, the commission considered applications for agreements on operating in the territory of advanced social and economic development (TASED).

OOO "Profil-T" will be a new resident of TASED "Dimitrovgrad". The company will place its facility in DAAZ to manufacture longitudinally electric-welded steel line pipes.

According to Marina Alekseeva, First Deputy Prime Minister of Ulyanovsk Region, the new production facility will supply the market with goods that meet European standards, which, in turn, will improve the product's quality in general. She explained, “This plant will solve two important tasks. The first one, which was set by President Vladimir Putin, is import substitution. Products made by Profil-T will help to saturate the market with items that are partially purchased abroad now. It is also very important for us that enterprises located in the Ulyanovsk region are developing intraregional cooperation. Profil-T, for example, is planning to cooperate with Martur, a company from Turkey that produces car seats, and several furniture manufacturers.”

About 25.4 million rubles will be invested in implementation of the project; this money will be used to purchase necessary machines and equipment. The project will create 39 new jobs.

The facility will manufacture components for Renault, Lada and Datsun vehicles. Launch of the production line is scheduled for this autumn.

“Preferences provided to investors are very important for them. When they come to TASED, companies receive tax privileges for income, property and transport. Investors with the resident status are also exempted from paying land tax for ten years,” emphasized Dmitry Vavilin, Minister of Economic Development and Industry of Ulyanovsk Region.