AeroComposite-Ulyanovsk Plant to Increase Production Capacity

On 19 March, Governor Sergey Morozov congratulated employees of the plant on the tenth anniversary since the enterprise was created and presented them awards for fruitful work.

The ceremony was attended by Vladislav Tretyak (Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation), Evgeny Ibragimov (Director at Ulyanovsk office of Irkut Corporation Joint-Stock Company), Vasily Ogorodnikov (Head of the 735 Military Representative Office of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation), Sergey Sheremetov (Managing Director at JSC "Aviastar-SP") and Oleg Nesterov (representative of PAO "OAK").

“We are proud that the Ulyanovsk region was selected as the site for such a unique production facility. This proves our great industrial, scientific and human potential. Another evidence that the region is justly called the Aviation Capital of Russia. The Ulyanovsk region is becoming one of the strategic sites that creates the future of Russian aircraft industry. Thanks to AeroComposite-Ulyanovsk, our region has become one of the main places in Russia that develops innovative production of composite materials highly sought in energetics, transport infrastructure and other sectors of the economy. The company was among the ones who started developing a whole sphere in domestic industry,” said Sergey Morozov.

JSC "AeroComposite-Ulyanovsk" has been operating in the region since March 2011. Investments into the project amounted to more than 3 billion rubles. This is the only plant in Russia that manufactures primary elements for aviation structures. They are made of composite materials created using a unique vacuum infusion method. AeroComposite-Ulyanovsk is one of the world-class enterprises specializing in production of composite wings for aircraft. Currently, the plant employs more than 700 residents of the Ulyanovsk region.

“Today the plant can make composite wings for civil aircraft engineering. There were no such technology and expertise ten years ago. Now we can design and create wings. People are our main asset. This plant in Ulyanovsk has a team of highly skilled specialists who can create such innovative products. We appreciate and respect each of them. We are constantly upgrading our production facilities. This is the first stage, and then it will continue developing. There is an investment programme approved by the shareholders. We will also provide financial support, purchase new equipment and expand the industrial capacity,” - said Anatoly Gaidansky, Director General, Chairman of the Board of JSC "AeroComposite-Ulyanovsk".

As part of a project, the plant manufactures composite aircraft wings for a short- and medium-haul jet passenger airliner MS-21. The facility produces power components for wing outer panels such as upper and lower parts of wing boxes, forward and rear spars, and upper and lower elements of the center section panel made of polymer composite materials with the use of the infusion technology developed by specialists of AeroComposite-Ulyanovsk. The Ulyanovsk plant also performs the final assembly of the center section and outer-wing panels, as well as leading-edge slats.

“AeroComposite-Ulyanovsk is a good example of an innovative hi-tech enterprise. The production site is equipped with the latest equipment in concordance with the international standards. Now the plant is working on the task within the import substitution programme. Outer-wing panels are manufactured with the use of domestic materials. The company is preparing to launch mass production of wings for the MS-21 aircraft”, - commented Sergey Vasin, Head of the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation.