Ulyanovsk Region to Start Testing New Practices in Social Sphere

On 22 March, Governor Sergey Morozov held a working meeting with Svetlana Chupsheva, Director General of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI).

The Ulyanovsk region has been working together with ASI since 2011.

According to Sergey Morozov, currently the region intends to update key vectors of joint activities. He said, “At the meeting, we discussed the project of the National Social Initiative (NSI) in detail - our region is ready to join its implementation and to use the experience of pilot federal subjects. It is of paramount importance for us to test the new practices introduced by ASI in the social sphere as quickly as possible. Implementation of the NSI project will help us improve access to social institutions and social services in the region by removing obstacles and red tape. We should do everything for people. As for support of the social sphere, we carefully review our methods and try to improve them every year. The Ulyanovsk region's budget traditionally has a social focus - we consider needs of the residents. We have a unique project to support local initiatives. Almost 400 proposals have received financial support over the six years since its launch. Just last week, we held a social forum called "Justice through the eyes of people" ("Spravedlivost glazami lyudey"), during which we came up with a number of important initiatives that we are to implement this year.”

In addition, participants of the meeting discussed cooperation to improve the business and investment climate, as well as training of specialists for enterprises. It is also planned to develop a KPI together with ASI that will help to calculate the social impact of interactions with the Agency.

Sergey Morozov proposed to share (with the support of ASI) accumulated experience of the Ulyanovsk region in hosting a summer health promotion campaign. The Ulyanovsk region has been ASI's pilot platform since 2013 and tested the Model Programme for Development of the Children's Leisure and Recreation System.

“Being the pilot platform, we were able to implement many initiatives in the field of children's leisure and recreation in the Ulyanovsk region. These included various forms of support for the private sector, reimbursement of some expenses connected with trips to summer camps that last no longer than 28 days per child, leisure and recreational activities for disabled children and their chaperones, etc. Collaboration with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives also helped us to accumulate successful experience in organizing interactions between the state, the business community and society. It was the main focus of Ulyanovsk Open Interregional Social Workshop "Summer Camp: New Guidelines", which introduced scientific, business and civic initiatives in the field of children's leisure and recreation activities. We are planning to make the Social Workshop a federal platform to hold a similar event at the All-Russian level,” - explained Ekaterina Uba, First Deputy Prime Minister of Ulyanovsk Region.