Ulyanovsk Region to Build Ice Arena for Three Thousand Spectators

Governor Sergey Morozov and Vladislav Tretyak, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, approved work specifications for construction of the ice arena during a plenary meeting of the regional social forum "Justice through the Eyes of People" ("Spravedlivost glazami lyudey").

The head of the region commented, “At the initiative of Vladislav Alexandrovich, Ulyanovsk is planning to create a modern Ice Palace with two ice arenas, which will be named after the sport legend - "Tretyak Arena". The Olympic champion also examined the Center for Team Sports. Thanks to the party's support, a number of major sports projects are successfully implemented in our region. We now have a Center for Rhythmic Gymnastics, and an indoor football arena is under construction. Isheyevka settlement received a swimming pool. During the Year of Children's Sport, two new outdoor fitness centers will be built in Tsilna, Ulyanovsk, before the end of summer 2021.”

Following the Social Forum "Sport with Equal Opportunities", key recommendations were prepared to achieve social goals in the field of physical education and sport.

According to Ramil Egorov, Minister of Fitness and Sport of Ulyanovsk Region, representatives of the sports community suggested supporting heads of commercial enterprises to invest in the industry of physical training and sports. Participants also discussed such topics as control of individuals who train children and do not have specialized education in sport, measures to support graduates who have successfully meet standards of GTO (Ready for Labor and Defense), and implementation of the project "Universal Education: Swimming".

The Ulyanovsk region is successfully implementing an educational project "Universal Education: Swimming". It aims to help primary school students who cannot swim. Classes are held after school hours and take 12 hours in total.

“Implementation of the project "Universal Education: Swimming" once again confirms that the Ulyanovsk develops children's sport not on paper but in real life. This sphere is the basis for a healthy nation,” said Eduard Bezuglov, chief physician of the Russia national football team.

In total, about two thousand children will take part in the project in 2021.

“The project "Universal Education: Swimming" was created two years ago. With the Governor's support, we continue improving it in the region. Its main idea is that schoolchildren will visit swimming pools and learn swimming free of charge. This is a socially focused project; we train children and try to identify skilled ones, as well as involve parents in these activities. Currently, six health and fitness centers are part of the project, and about 300 schoolchildren have completed the course,” said Vasily Gvozdev, regional coordinator of the United Russia's project "Healthy Future".