Ulyanovsk Holds Victory Day Parade

Special events were organized in the region on 9 May to celebrate the 76th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. More than one thousand people took part in the parade held on Sobornaya Square.


Troops of the Ulyanovsk territorial garrison marched for veterans of the Great Patriotic War, war children and home front workers. The participants also included a squad of the Joint-Force Regional District Signal Corps Training Center, military personnel of the 31st Guards Air Assault Brigade, representatives of the National Guard of the Russian Federation (Rosgvardiya) and Federal Penitentiary Service, a company of the regional office of Federal Bailiff Service, cadets of the Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation named after Air Chief Marshal B.P. Bugaev, students of Suvorov Military School, combat veterans "Brothers-in-Arms", and students of College of Civil and Municipal Service.

UAZ Patriot cars carried flags of enterprises of Labor Glory that worked in the Ulyanovsk Region during the war.

President Vladimir Putin's Address to residents of Russia was broadcasted for participants of the event; after it, Acting Governor Aleksey Russkikh also congratulated the audience.

He said, “9 May, 1945 is a joyous, solemn and very important date in our history. The date that both represents the great past of our Motherland and looks into its bright future. This is a symbol of our pride and unity, which brings together people, generations and peoples every year. This is the embodiment of our love for the Fatherland and people who defended it on the battlefield and at the home front. May those who died forever be remembered. We express our deepest gratitude to veterans and the entire generation of victors.”

The event's programme ended with a choreography piece "On the Peace Street" performed by creative groups.

In addition, the Joint-Force Regional District Signal Corps Training Center and the 31st Guards Air Assault Brigade displayed 14 pieces of military equipment at the esplanade for residents and guests of the city.

A Monument to Sea Cadets of Northern Fleet was opened in Ulyanovsk for the 76th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War; Undory and Kriushi settlements now have memorial plates with the names of people who participated in the Great Patriotic War.