Ulyanovsk Region: Wood-Polymer Composites Manufacturing Plant Starts Working in Test Mode

Holzhof Rus facility was opened on 12 May. The site was visited by Acting Governor Aleksey Russkikh.

The plant will manufacture molded strips of wood-polymer composites; in particular, polyethylene and PVC-based decking. The materials are used to build harbors and piers for private and passenger ships, as well as pavilions and terraces at country houses.

According to Kirill Savalev, Managing Director at Holzhof Rus, the facility will be able to process about 655 tons of raw materials per month.

The facility is located at the Port Special Economic Zone "Ulyanovsk" where the investor has built a production shop, as well as 3000 square meters of warehouses for raw materials and finished goods​. One hundred million rubles were invested in the project, which created more than 30 new jobs for residents of the region. The company is going to manufacture and ship up to 3,000 tons of products a year.

It is planned to increase production at the next stage. According to Oleg Barabanov, Director General of Ulyanovsk PSEZ, Holtskhof Rus will invest additional 105 million rubles in construction of filling and packaging lines for liquid concrete. There will also be workshops for production of screw bearings and fittings, as well as a warehouse for raw materials. An expert board had a meeting on 7 July and agreed to support the business plan of Holzhof Rus to implement this project in PSEZ.

Currently, the Ulyanovsk region's composite cluster includes such enterprises as Aviastar-SP, AeroComposit-Ulyanovsk (one of the three world-class aircraft wing manufacturing plants), Vestas Manufacturing Rus (Russia's only plant that produces blades for wind turbines), Ulyanovsk office of the All-Russian Scientific-Research Institute of Aviation Materials (VIAM), and OOO "Metall-Composit" housed at the nanotechnology center. OOO "Galen" has also started installation of equipment at PSEZ.