Ulyanovsk Region Receives Positive ESG Ranking

This assessment helps to calculate environmental and social risks in the region, as well as the quality of governance.

Rating-Agentur Expert RA GmbH assigned ESG-III ranking to the Ulyanovsk region. The indicator proves that the region pays great attention to sustainable development when making key decisions.

The Agency's experts evaluated such indicators as "Environment" (E), "Quality of governance" (G) and "Society" (S). The region has a strong focus on nature conservation and environmental improvement. They also noted effectiveness of measures carefully aimed at protecting the environment in the Ulyanovsk region, as well as participation of regional facilities in federal environmental programmes.

“The structure of financial markets sets the trend of responsible investment and sustainable development. The positive ESG ranking will open access to more beneficial borrowing terms. Today's investors are ready to offer favorable conditions designed specifically for socially driven companies,” said Natalya Bryukhanova, Acting Minister of Finance of Ulyanovsk Region.

In 2020, the region took the seventeenth place in the rating among 83 federal subjects of Russia, which also included the fifth place on the quality of governance.