Ulyanovsk Region to Upgrade and Expand Its Biological Laboratory

Acting Governor of Ulyanovsk Region Aleksey Russkikh visited AO "Teplichnoye" on 17 May.

During his visit to the enterprise, Aleksey Russkikh examined production facilities and listen to a presentation of the new project that will be launched in 2021. It involves upgrade and expansion of the biological laboratory, which will improve overall output of bio-products. Thanks to this, AO "Teplichnoye" will increase the volume of manufactured medical items from 14 to 50 tons.

In 2018, a programme was adopted to renovate the greenhouse complex. All of its tasks have been completed, and the company is moving on to the second stage. One of the priority areas involves upgrade of the power park to generate electricity for the facility and reconstruction of the biological laboratory (including its licensing).

This initiative will help to work independently with cultures of microorganisms, to conduct new analyses and studies so as to prevent the emergence and spread of pathogenic microorganisms and plant pathogens, as well as to ensure safety of both staff and environment. The study of biological products will increase crop yields, improve the quality of products and reduce energy consumption of agricultural facilities.