Ulyanovsk Athletes Win Medals at Turiada-2021

Igor Komarov, Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Volga Federal District, distributed awards among winners of the competition.

He said, “You can see that Turiada is moving forward. There were plans to turn this festival into an international one, but they were affected by COVID. We have received applications from Central Asia and Belarus. The festival is of great interest for people from not only the Volga Federal District, but also other countries.”

According to the project's rules, hiking groups can walk along sport routes during the whole year before the competition. During Turiada, expert judges evaluate tracks covered by participating teams according to several factors (complexity, novelty, safety, intensity, practicality) and determine the best ones.

The team of the Ulyanovsk region won silver medals in the pedestrian route category. The walking tour took place at the foothills of Central Caucasus. Over 12 days, under the leadership of Vasily Saprykin (Master of Sports of Russia) the participants walked more than 200 km along the challenging terrain of the Elbrus region, got to the top of Elmeztebe, crossed seven passes and the canyon of the Chimpurla River, passed through the Uluchiran glacier and more than ten fords across cold turbulent flows of mountain rivers.

In the ski route category, the region's team took the third place. Four Ulyanovsk juniors led by Daniil Vakurov, who has a second senior category in sport tourism, went on a trip to Kuzovatovsky District, Ulyanovsk Region. Over six days, the group covered more than 100 km of snowy forests under difficult weather conditions.

Teams that won the qualifying rounds traditionally took part in Turiada 2021. They included students of universities from the Volga Federal District who are studying to get a degree in Social and Cultural Services and Tourism, as well as athletes, coaches, and sport tourism instructors. The event programme consists of sports and educational competitions.