Ulyanovsk Region Opens Memorial Sign in Alley of International Festival " With All My Heart "

The star of Aleksander Filippenko, People's Artist of Russia and the winner of Honor and Dignity Grand Prix, was revealed on 26 May.

“I would like to affirm that from now on, the very first line in all my film biographies will say that I have a star in Ulyanovsk. It is a great pleasure to see that my work is so appreciated. We, artists, all perform for the audience, and the best award for us is spectators' love,” said Alexander Filippenko.

The Grand Prix "Honor and Dignity" is awarded annually to the filmmaker who has great achievements in their profession.

On the same day, guests and participants of the film festival laid flowers at the monument to Valentina Leontyeva. The events, which are annually held in the region in the memory of this TV presenter, aim to preserve the best child-rearing practices, as well as to promote respect for elders, labor and family values. All of these were the core of Valentina Mikhailovna's work.

We would like to remind that With All My Heart, an International Film and TV Program Festival for Family Viewing named after Valentina Leontieva, is held as part of the Week of the National Project "Culture".