Ulyanovsk: Three Industrial Parks and Special Economic Zones Are Among Most Attractive

The annual rating was published by the analytical center "Expert" in 2020.

The Ulyanovsk region is among leaders in terms of its customer-oriented approach and investment potential along with the metropolitan areas, Tatarstan and the Samara region. The assessment system has been changed compared to the one used for previous four annual ratings. For example, now it includes zones and grading of industrial parks and special economic zones (SEZs) within them. The Ulyanovsk region is one of the territories located 120 km from economic growth points and up to 250 km from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In the territorial niche, the region also became one of the leaders in terms of its customer-oriented approach and investment potential: the first place was taken by PSEZ "Ulyanovsk", industrial zone "Zavolzhye" took the third one, and the fifth place was awarded to DAAZ industrial park. In total, this assessment subgroup included 50 industrial parks in the regions of the Russian Federation. The Ulyanovsk region is one of the top five places in the country on the number of industrial sites and by how actively this development tool is used. There are 17 such venues in the Moscow region, 9 in Tatarstan, 8 in the Kaluga region, and 6 in Ulyanovsk.

According to Acting Prime Minister Alexander Smekalin, the Ulyanovsk region became one of the first territories in Russia to start building industrial parks and providing preferences of special economic zones for development of its industrial and economic potential. This advantage helps the region stay ahead. “Today, it is necessary to step up support measures and create infrastructure that will satisfy investors' new requirements. Now there is a completely understandable demand for brownfields - venues equipped with all necessary infrastructure. The Federal Government listened to our initiative, and just recently additional measures have been taken to support sites created for implementation of investment projects,” explained Alexander Smekalin.

Currently, 35 investment projects with a total investment of 44 billion rubles are being implemented in Zavolzhye industrial park. About three thousand jobs have been created for residents of the region.

“The park annually demonstrates great fiscal performance. Since it was established ten years ago, the regional budget has received 26 billion rubles of tax payments by businesses. At the same time, one ruble of public funds has attracted 17.2 rubles in the form of tax payments and 29 rubles of investments from residents, which exceeded public resources invested in the park's infrastructure manifold,” said Sergey Vasin, CEO of the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation.

Port special economic zone "Ulyanovsk" is a venue created at Ulyanovsk-Vostochny Airport. Is aims to implement projects in the production field, as well as development of freight logistics and international trade. The duty-free zone regime helps to increase export of products made in the Ulyanovsk region. Currently, Ulyanovsk PSEZ has 36 resident companies including foreign investors from Germany, China, Slovenia, Sweden, India.