Specialized Aircraft Leasing Company to Be Created in Ulyanovsk Region

The head of the region Aleksey Russkikh announced that the agreement on the project implementation was signed with Avia Capital Services, LLC in the presence of Sergey Chemezov, Director General at Rostec State Corporation. The event took place at International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS 2021.

“The agreement will give a new impetus to cooperation between the Ulyanovsk region and Rostec State Corporation. Our region has great potential for development of the aviation industry. We have several enterprises working in this sphere, and there is also a port special economic zone with a special tax and customs regime that focuses on implementation of projects in production, maintenance and repair of aviation equipment, as well as cargo logistics. We welcome and support initiatives that promote growth of the aviation cluster and create high-quality jobs,” said Aleksey Russkikh.

The project will have at least ten helicopters including Ansat, Mi-38, Mi-8 and others. Aviation assets at the start of the project will cost about 4 billion rubles.

“There is all necessary infrastructure, favorable conditions for investors, and partners already working in Ulyanovsk - all of these will ensure the fastest project launch. Thanks to the status of a particularly important investment project and special tax regulations, we can offer the best financial terms to aircraft and helicopter operators, manufacturers, and service companies,” said Roman Pakhomov, Director General at Avia Capital Services.

At the next stage, it is possible to expand aviation assets of the leasing company with MS-21-300 aircraft, Sukhoi Superjet 100, and IL-114-300. As part of the partnership between Rostec State Corporation and the Ulyanovsk region, a UAC customization center might be created in the region to facilitate supply logistics and to provide even more attractive conditions for customers.

According to Sergey Vasin, CEO of the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation, the company's project meets all necessary criteria and can qualify for the status of a particularly important investment project. He commented, “This status will provide the investor with financial benefits, and the Ulyanovsk region will be able to receive more than 200 million rubles of tax revenues to the regional budget over the next 15 years.”

According to Alexander Smekalin, Head of the regional Cabinet who also takes part in the work of the delegation at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS 2021, such agreements also increase investment attractiveness of the special economic zone and become a new anchor for future investors.