Ulyanovsk Region Plans to Introduce a Programme to Promote E-Commerce in 2022

The head of the region Aleksey Russkikh held a Trade Development Council and awarded the best employees working in this industry to celebrate their professional holiday.

He emphasized, “Despite the pandemic and financial and economic challenges, trade has once again proved its ability to compete and work. We can see good results in 2021, which indicates that we selected the correct way to support business. Each legal entity in the trade sphere brings dozens, hundreds, thousands of jobs for residents of the region. This also important for the well-being of their families.”

Currently, trading entities make about 32% of all business units in the region - this is almost 11 thousand entrepreneurs (40.8% of the total number of sole proprietors). More than 85 thousand residents of the region work in this sphere.

According to Ruslan Gainetdinov, Chairman of the Board of Entrepreneurship Development Corporation of Ulyanovsk Region, retail sales have reached 87 billion rubles since the beginning of 2021, which is almost 9 billion rubles more compared to the same period last year. Consumers' demand is increasing.

Good results were recorded in the field of food retail: the turnover amounted to more than 43.5 billion rubles in the first quarter of 2021, which is more than 5 billion rubles increase compared to the same indicator last year.

As noted by Mikhail Semenkin, Acting Minister of Agro-Industrial Complex and Rural Development of Ulyanovsk Region, such tools as agricultural fairs, procurement activities and buyer's tour are used to promote regional products.

Manufacturers also receive support when they seek to enter marketplaces. Since the end of 2020, the share of distance selling in the total retail turnover has increased by 20% and reached almost 1.5 billion rubles. Currently, Ulyanovsk goods are available at such online trading platforms as Wildberries, OZON, SberMarket, LaModa, Kupi.vip, CDEKmarket, Ulmart, Kazan-Express, and others. A regional marketplace called "Ulmade" has also been launched; more than 50 companies take part in the programme.

All these support measures are implemented as part of the national project “Small and Medium-Sized Businesses and Support for Entrepreneurial Initiatives”, which was initiated by President Vladimir Putin.

The region continues developing both small-scale and network trade. In 2021 alone, three major retail chains are going to build 24 new facilities and complete ten reconstruction projects worth about 550 million rubles. And one of the largest

regional groups of companies will place its discount food stores in six federal subjects of Russia, which will help Ulyanovsk manufacturers find new customers in neighboring regions.

The Ulyanovsk region is also finalizing a legal act to regulate support of small-scale trade in remote villages so as to preserve a larger number of facilities that work in the public interest and provide important services. Starting from 1 August, regional entrepreneurs will be able to join a state programme to compensate part of their expenses associated with stable work of small shops in villages and delivery of goods to remote settlements.