Ulyanovsk Region to Host All-Russian Summer Universiade in 2022

Dmitry Kiselev, Secretary General of the Russian Student Sport Union, announced decision of the contest committee of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation at a meeting of the Council for Development of Physical Education and Sports, which was chaired by Governor Aleksey Russkikh.

According to him, VIII All-Russian Summer Universiade is among the most significant events of next year. The committee reviewed applications submitted by regions to hold the sport contest. It was decided that competitions in six athletic disciplines, as well as opening and closing ceremonies, will be held in the Ulyanovsk region.

During the meeting, representatives of federal agencies, regional sports organizations, and heads of municipalities discussed priority development areas for the industry.

“We have started checking sport facilities in the region and launched financial audit of the sports industry itself. People should have equal opportunities to visit such places regardless of their place of residence. It is no secret that many sports grounds stand idle, and that some municipalities do not have them at all. Not all schools have necessary modern equipment. There is practically no up-to-date sports infrastructure in vocational schools. Their gyms should be available for both children and their parents in the evening and at the weekend. Together with Irina Rodnina, Chairman of the All-Russian Sports School Federation, we also agreed that we should build sports grounds near schools. I instructed the Ministry of Sports to prepare the necessary application for 2022,” Aleksey Russkikh emphasized.

During a videoconference, Maxim Urazov (Director of the Department of Physical Education and Mass Sport of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation) and Elena Istyagina-Eliseeva (Director of the State Museum of Sport, a member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation) talked about plans to develop mass sports in order to achieve indicators set by national goals.

In addition, representatives of the sports community discussed training of personnel for the industry, as well as creation of conditions necessary for high-level sports and development of mass ones.

“Sports federations should act according to long-term development plans instead of just get by with budget subsidies. A number of meetings will be held with the management of All-Russian sports federations to audit activities of regional facilities and to suggest proposals for personnel changes,” said Ramil Egorov, Acting Minister of Physical Education and Sports of Ulyanovsk Region. “The region is building sport facilities of all types, and together with the Ministry of Education we will use school gyms for clubs and extra classes. We will continue implementing

our five-year plan for sport development. 2022 will be the Year of Student Sports, so it is very encouraging that the Ulyanovsk region will become the main venue for the All-Russian Summer Universiade.”