Aleksey Russkikh Participates in Vladimir Putin's Meeting with Elected Heads of Regions

After regional elections held on the Single Voting Day, President of the Russian Federation met with senior officials from nine regions of the country. The event took place via videoconference on 25 September.

Vladimir Putin welcomed newly elected members of the government and instructed them to take control over implementation of national projects, fight against the pandemic, and employment issues. He also urged them and their subordinates to stay in touch with people.

Aleksey Russkikh thanked the President for his trust and support. He said, “First of all, I would like to say that I see the results achieved in the Ulyanovsk region as a vote of confidence for you, Vladimir Vladimirovich, and your choice.”

He also noted that the elections in the Ulyanovsk region took place in a generally peaceful environment, without any serious violations. According to the elected head of the region, residents showed great interest in the event, as evidenced by the increased voting turnout.

“It shows that Ulyanovsk residents care about the region's future and its development. Regarding the issues I identified to you during our meeting: extensive work is already in progress in the wake of your orders. First and foremost, this includes supplying residents of the region with high-quality water, stopping landslides, building roads, improving the healthcare system, providing housing for orphans, and finding solutions for interest holders' problems. We have started to address all of them, and I am sure that we will meet the deadlines set by you,” said Aleksey Russkikh.

He added that in his work he relies on all political actors present in the region and that he will do his best to meet expectations of the residents.

"Aleksey Yuryevich, now that you are no longer just a candidate it does not matter which party nominated you. The most important thing is that people voted for you and expect you to be a competent, serious and skilled governor. We have met with you before personally, and I have already told you: for me, too, it absolutely does not matter what political forces are behind you. You must work effectively - I count on it. And have no doubt, I will support your activities," said Vladimir Putin.