Ulyanovsk Region to Create a New Attraction Point for Tourists

Projects for river infrastructure improvement were discussed at a meeting regarding development of the Volga's water area. The event took place on 23 September and was attended by Governor Aleksey Russkikh.

The head of the region said, “The Volga is one of the Ulyanovsk region's main treasures, but, unfortunately, we are not using it to the full extent at the moment. In the good times, more than 300 ships came to our ports; and today this number is below 100. The region has great prospects, and we have set ambitious targets. The region must have modern water transport infrastructure.”

The plans include stabilizing slopes, creating an embankment and reconstructing port zones, as well as developing new tourist routes. All these activities will ensure an additional influx of tourists to the region.

River tourism is one of the important areas for development of the regional sector within the Tourism and Hospitality Industry National Project. The administrative center is part of the long-distance cruise travel destinations, which include Moscow - Samara, Moscow - Astrakhan, Nizhny Novgorod - Samara, Nizhny Novgorod - Saratov, and others. Cruise services for short distances are also available along several routes, such as Ulyanovsk - Nizhny Novgorod, Ulyanovsk - Saratov, etc.

“We understand that cruises are a special development vector for us. First, we will focus on reducing the price for shipping companies, which will positively affect traffic in the port and the number of tourists arriving. The second sphere is Meteor interregional transport. We held negotiations with neighboring regions and discussed the possibility of launching Meteor trips along Kazan-Ulyanovsk-Samara route and back,” said Denis Ilyin, Director of Ulyanovsk Region Tourism Agency.

In addition, the region is now participating in the large interregional tourism project "The Great Volga Way" with a three-day programme, which is very important for development of cruise activities in the Ulyanovsk region. The project, which is supported by the Federal Agency for Tourism and brings together tourist routes in 25 federal subjects of Russia, is designed to develop the most promising areas of cruise tourism - combined river and sea cruises in the Caspian, Baltic and Azov-Black seas' basin ports. To implement the project in the region, it is planned to create embankments and all necessary infrastructure, which will also become a center of attraction for tourists.