Aleksey Russkikh Takes Office as Governor of Ulyanovsk Region

The inauguration ceremony was held at the Peoples' Friendship Palace on 4 October.

Aleksey Russkikh took the oath in accordance with the Charter of Ulyanovsk Region. He said, “On assuming office, I swear to be conscientious in my duties as the Governor of Ulyanovsk Region, to respect and protect human and civil rights and freedoms, to observe, protect and enforce the Constitution and other statutes and regulations of the Russian Federation, the Charter of Ulyanovsk Region and the laws of the Ulyanovsk region, and to serve the people.”

Igor Komarov congratulated Aleksey Russkikh on becoming the Governor, “People count on you, which is proved by the election results. This support includes both the steps you and your team have already taken and the ones you will in the future. It is not an easy task to live up to such vote of confidence and to improve people's quality of life every day.”

The Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Volga Federal District also noted the work Aleksey Russkikh had done as the acting head of the Ulyanovsk region, “Aleksey Yuryevich attracted additional 700 million rubles from the federal budget to repair roads. Bridge crossings are being reconstructed. Work is underway to reduce accumulated environmental damage. Six new investment projects have been launched together with local and foreign partners. Residents' domestic problems are being addressed; for example, apartments are provided to orphans and people living in unsafe houses.”

Igor Komarov also pointed out that it is necessary to prioritize the tasks outlined by President Vladimir Putin for the country's strategic development. They include ones set by national projects and federal programmes.

Addressing the audience, Aleksey Russkikh noted that the first and main future objective is to improve living standards and the quality of life in Ulyanovsk.

"We must reduce the poverty level, improve health services, update the deteriorated social infrastructure, address the issue with drinking water's quality, and accelerate gas supplies. We have already been able to bring some social problems to the federal level and to get things moving. We must understand that people deserve the best. Their well-being does not measure up to the tremendous efforts they have to make at work and in everyday life. That is why there is the task to increase salaries in the Ulyanovsk region," the head of the region emphasized. “Our second priority is to achieve ground-breaking development in all areas - in the economy and agriculture, in the social sphere and investment attraction, in human development and the innovation sector. To do this, we need to work as a single team at all levels - municipal, regional and federal ones. I promise to work honestly and openly in accordance with the directives that I received from residents of the Ulyanovsk region and President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.”

The list of guests for the inauguration ceremony included representatives of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation and the State Duma, federal and regional executive authorities, and deputies of the Legislative Assembly. One could also watch the ceremony online at as part of the Covid-free measures.

The Governor of Ulyanovsk Region received congratulatory telegrams from Mikhail Mishustin (Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation), Valentina Matviyenko (Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation), heads of federal agencies, and heads of regions of the Russian Federation.

Valery Malyshev, Chairman of the Legislative Assembly, congratulated Aleksey Russkikh on taking the Governor's office and noted that this is not only a great honor, but also a huge responsibility to people who are hoping that their lives will be changed for the better. “We are sure that all the positive changes that took place in previous years will gain an additional impetus. And that you will meet expectations of our fellow countrymen by relying on support of deputies, the feedback from voters, and your effective, skillful team.”

We would like to remind that President Vladimir Putin appointed Aleksey Russkikh as the Acting Governor of Ulyanovsk Region on 8 April, 2021. During the elections, the head of the region was supported by more than 83.16% of voters.