Ulyanovsk: Sofya Voronina from Gymnasium No. 13 Wins International Financial Security Olympiad

Academic competitions for students (grades 8-10) were held at Educational Center "Sirius" in Sochi from 3 to 9 October.

At the initiative of President Vladimir Putin, the International Financial Security Olympiad of 2021 was organized by the Federal Service for Financial Monitoring. The contest included such areas as mathematics and computer science, social science and law, economics.

The preliminary round, which was held online this May, was attended by more than 30 thousand pupils and students, including about 150 people from the Ulyanovsk region.

In the final stage of the Olympiad, the region was represented by winners of the preliminary round in the Computer Science subject field. They included Grigory Rudkevich (student of the Author's Edward Lyceum № 90), Andrey Myzrov (student of Gymnasium №1 named after V. I. Lenin), and Sofya Voronina (student of Gymnasium №13) who won the final round.

“I was very happy when I received an invitation to the final stage of the competition and immediately started preparing for it. The tasks, as well as the topic itself, were difficult, but this made studying and discussing them even more interesting. When they announced me as the winner, I was very proud of myself and realized that all my efforts had not been in vain,” said Sofya Voronina.